Monday, August 15, 2016

The Kitchen Hand Towel

I posted a photo of this in FB.  It is one of the Southwestern kitchen towels that my beautiful niece sent me one Christmas while I was in AZ.  I think the bright colors perk this place up.  Although not too much rain (about 15" a year), it is often overcast.  While overcast in most area's means purely dreary days, here it is still fairly bright.  The clouds are not as thick since they go around the Olympic Mountains and the come back together - often not at all - very hight up, somewhere above me or out further in the ocean (Juan de Fuca Straight really).  By the way, Juan was a Greek - that is the Spanish translation of his name and it stuck for some reason.  Otherwise it would be called the Ioannis Phokás Straight!

 Back to the towel.

She placed a potholder in the middle and sewed it straight across while the towel is gathered.  On the other side of the potholder she put a button.  Not only do you have a potholder should you need it but you can also hang it on the oven door easily and it is facing the correct direction, or you can, as I did, put it on a door handle and let the back of the potholder hang down.

I am closing in on finishing the blue sweater for Alice, but the wrist is acting up again.  Anything wth twisted stitches seems to aggravate the bursitis.  I have been thinking about making myself something for years and always end up only making a scarf for myself.

I have my eye on a pattern that is similar to a short sleeved jacket that I love.  Mine is navy, crocheted, and in a "Fish Net" pattern of sorts.  The one I want to make is the Blue Skies Jacket (why do people always name their designs after the color they use?)  It is from the 2008 Crochet! magazine, and designed by Tammy Hildebrand.  The yarn is discontinued (of course) so will sub it with one of the bulky yarns I have on hand (actually recently purchased!). I might re-adjust the pattern to meet the needs of a DK weight instead!

What have you made for yourself lately?  

 getting ready for Christmas, slowly but surely, by adding expected projects to my Ravelry page, purchasing yarns I will need if I don't have what is required, and hopefully will give myself the above jacket for my reward!!

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  1. What have I made for myself lately? Heavens, I can't remember.

    Oh, yes . . I am slowly working on cafe size curtains for our new home in Logan. I thought I had one window done so I took the panel home in June and it needed one more column and one more row . . so a 3X3 panel becomes a 4x4 panel. Now to get back to gifts.