Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hubby and Dogs

Two are ours and one is the daughters. She, Patsy, is not a lap dog so was not comfy while I took the photo and jumped off as quick as the click! 
They are all becoming house dogs as they don't like being outside when it is so darn hot. Not as hot as Texas, though! Nor as humid as the south. Now THAT is miserable humid heat. 
I finished a square for a comfort'ghan that is being made up for one of our Ravelry friends who is going through some hard times. It is a calming color scheme....the photo isn't great as I took it on my iPod.

The starfish facecloth that I "angeled" to a person that did not receive from her partner in a swap. It's made with Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton...and I do! My BFF Bev turned me on to their line of goods. 

This is a long hot pad I made for the same person, but is from a different swap. Made it easier to go ahead and have the extra made for her when she got jilted in the other swap as I was already mailing her this.  She said her fav colors were pink, blue and bright orange. Luckily I had all three in cotton! ;o)  I actually liked the color combo - which is a strange one for me in general. Perhaps because it is only 3 colors. The flower pattern is by ColoradoMom on Ravelry if you are interested.


Now speaking of comfort'ghan's - this one is a real winner!!!  This was made for ME by a bunch of wonderful ladies in our Vanna's Choice group. They went to all the trouble of making my favorite rose pattern in my favorite colors! Isn't this just beautiful!!! I cry every time I sit with it....very very comforting feeling to have it wrapped around me. The pattern is Victorian Rose and just isn't an easy one to make.  A tutorial was whipped up by Margaret so it would help all involved in making their square.

Now - what more could a weary heart ask for other than a reprieve????

I have it in my fav chair where I sit and watch TV in my bedroom. Hubby, who is hard of hearing, watches quite a bit of TV while he is trying to get use to his new cancer meds. I will escape to my quarters every now and again, curl up, and watch some happy shows...like House Hunters! ;o)

This is the beautiful border that Jamie did. She put the whole thing together and did more than a fabulous job. Her work is impeccable and a blessing to me in every way.

So from my house to yours, hope your a/c is working well, that you are resting, eating properly, and being good to all your loved ones.  All of the above is important to your health and theirs.