Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Window Pane Afghan

I started making this lovely thing for my nephew in California.  He and his wife are renovating a home using some lovely tones of grey and taupe and camel…lighter than what the afghan has in it, so I suppose the afghan will be the "color" in the room! Hopefully a lovely focal point.

THEN I discovered I was ONE stitch off after I was starting the second set of double trebles in the camel color.  I kept thinking that the wandering charcoal double long trebles was due to their length.  It was, however, their placement.  I guess I can't count.

So this is my froggy.

I am starting over again. One nice thing is that using the winder to help frog makes it a less painful experience!

Today I had the Lowe's people out to discuss the placement of my fence in back. Could not get my neigbor back there to return my calls, so we were having to come up with an odd placement to keep off her land.  In looking at the plats it came to my attention that my next door neighbor is encroached by 5 feet onto my property.  I had no idea when I purchased the house that what he fenced in was mine.  I don't think I can do anything about it but that bugs me when I have a hard time fencing what IS mine and find out someone else seemed to have an easy time fencing what is MINE.

Owning a home can be so interesting!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Air-Crochet, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum!!

Don't know that I mentioned it or not, but in a 2013 Winter Interweave Crochet article Doris Chan is quoted as saying that SHE calls the dc made in the article an air crochet stitch.  It is an article on changing colors.

I wrote to Interweave and Marcy Smith answered saying that they didn't actually give her credit for the stitch and that Doris happened upon the stitch in 1994 in one of Elmore's books.  I have both of his books and have never seen that stitch in there, and of course, feeling rather pissy I told her so.  Then she started saying it was in Edie Eckman's book, but I think by that time she was mixed up as to what stitch we were discussing. Don't know for sure.

I (of course!) told her it wasn't in HER book either, and gave her my blog and my tutorial on Ravelry.  Never have heard back, and I guess that it is the big brush off. It is funny and sad to me that people in such a position would be so absolute in their resolve to keep "credit" for even the tiniest thing in their circle of friends.  I, of course, am not just upset but feel almost like I have been mugged or raped by a good friend who was once a trusted confidant.

So much for professionalism.

On to another subject!


Love this scarf stitch and the texture of the scarf. I think I am making an infinity scarf for myself - as long as the yarn holds out.  I have never used this yarn before, but do love it. Malabrigo Arroyo, Merino.  It is so easy to use in crocheting a project, and feels so yummy.  

I'm doing a seed type stitch…sc, dc, sc, dc then turn and sc on the dc and dc on the sc - rows and rows and rows and rows of it!



I don't think it is quite as eye-popping of a color scheme as this second photo, but more muted like the first. Will be nice for a number of outfits for sure.

Take care of yourself, your family, your treasures and your secrets!

Tomorrow is Valentines for EVERYONE!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just finished two lovely patterns for a swap for St. Paddy's Day!

HOWEVER!  I can't share them just yet as they aren't mailed AND the blog shows up on Ravelry.  I will be posting about them again next week.  Stay tuned!

The blanket, above,  I am making for my new grandniece due in June is coming along nicely.  Unfortunately, when I came south for a winter vacation I did not bring the NEXT color! It is Waverly and I can't buy any more to have sent here as it is a discontinued yarn. It's on hold until I return home.  Dumb.  However, in my defense I was put in a bind by a Toyota dealership when they kept switching which car they were getting for me, and I ended up not getting home until after 8 pm the night before the trip.  Needless to say was up late packing.


Did you know that the Toyota Sienna ONLY comes with a black carpet in some packages? I didn't, and they didn't tell me…until AFTER I signed on the dotted line and I was late for dinner with my kids….and all the while I had been telling them no way did I want black in my car. So watch your back people!


What I lined up next is an afghan for a nephew in WA and his wife. It is, I hope, to be a Bargello afghan.  I found this older afghan in the book "Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs" by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.  It is a 2003 book, 40 patterns (some just too weird) and pretty inexpensive on Amazon. A few winners in there making it worth the price.

I'm planning on making this in tans and blues.  Their choice of colors.

New on the home front!

Here is my new refrigerator….door in door LG. Pretty nice. I only have to load up the top portion and not bend over! LOL!  

This is the innards!


I hope I haven't posted this before.  Tanja Osswald had this pattern for a shawl for sale on Ravelry. Crocheted! It is called "Blinking Peacock" and I have to say, it is an amazing piece of work!

Let me know if you try it out!

Have a great day!