Friday, December 30, 2016

A few beanies for Christmas and beyond

This is a cabled beanie from the new book I bought….Over 30 Trendy, Classic and Sporty Accessories for All Ages

I did not follow the pattern for the in between stitches as her pattern goes sideways and my nieces (the last one is the same pattern, different beanie for different niece) wanted the cables to go up and down. This one is for Sandra. This one and the one at the bottom is called Aspen Beanie.

Then is called a Grid beanie.  Was pretty easy for sure.  They all seem to come out pretty large as I think the hats seem to "sit" on the head rather than stretch to hold. This is going to my nephew Patrick.

I made another "Seahawk" beanie for Stephanie and bought a Bernat Pom Pom. It's cute, but hard to attach where it doesn't wobble. No clue about washing as forgot to check. The pattern here is Backcountry Beanie.

This is me modeling the next beanie for my niece Megan.  I also made the band longer as well as using a smaller hook (down two sizes for first two rows then down another for another two rows, then down one more for a hdc row.  Seems to hug better and have a better look.

Have a safe and joyous New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2016

CHRISTMAS is coming!

Dish Cloths and Pot Holders

Fun toys and decorations


All are finished…..


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas in July photos

I don't remember if I posted about the Christmas in July swap before, and am too lazy to go look.  

The items below are what I made for my swap partner.   All with hangers for the tree…I love hand made goodies for the Christmas tree.  This year I am putting it up again because I now feel I have "settled down" in the house that is my home.

Now lucky me, the following photos are of the gorgeous goodies I received!

The photo below, although a bit fuzzy, shows the one hanging ornament from the above two photos.  It's hard to tell from the other two photos that it is the same ornament, or even how thick it is.

I have all of these hanging on various knobs in my kitchen waiting to be added to my tree!  I will be dragging the tree out in the next week or so (before Thanksgiving mind you) so I can continue to decorate it with some extra lovelies, and perhaps make more.

Started my Christmas shopping, too, although I think I only bought one present and the rest was for me! 


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jellyfish hanging around, scarves in the making!!!

My morning view of the new snow on the Olympics!

Every time I want to say "Good Morning" two things come to mind and they are polar opposites.

First I hear the jingle for the orange juice company and it is super bright and cheery and I imagine little blue birds dancing around.

The second one is the Subaru commercial where the two backwoods men are watching the refined  Subaru owner looking for a place in the woods to do his thing!  Not THAT'S the one that sticks with me for the rest of the day! LOL!

Well morning is over with, so on with crocheting.  I am testing a pin-wheel square on Ravelry.  It is super cute.  Can't post it yet, but if you are on Ravelry you can find her photos.  It's Tunisian.

I am also making my nieces and nephew some hanging jellyfish characters….don't think I posted here about that.  OMGoodness they are sooooo cute.  I had to order fiberfill as no place here carries it unless Walmart does.  Did not feel like walking all over that huge store looking for it.  The fiberfill should be here tomorrow I think, and then will finish the one that is ready to stuff and can then quickly finish the other ones.

I'm working on a scarf, too, for Operation Gratitude.  A lot of ladies in my group have already surpassed me and are sending the scarves off.  I bet there is a time limit and I missed it.  Even if they can't go overseas, there are vets here that could use them.  It was cold this morning…38 when I woke so know it is cold in other places around the US. Hope to finish more than one.

Eye candy!
  Brodie at 134 pounds and 1 year, 3 months old.

Scarf for my niece

 I don't knit much, but did not like the look of this yarn in crochet.  Looked pretty awful.  I love the stained glass look of it when knitted.

Who wouldn't knit something like this for your special niece?

It's BEAUTIFUL -  the yarn is Caraco by Malabrigo.