Sunday, October 11, 2009

For Mugsy

For Mugsy - this is the hex from Caron's site - by Doris Chan, called the Rockland Throw.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tote & one handle

Continuing with the tote, here I have finished one handle for the tote. It is 70 stitches long. I first did a foundation chain, that pesky little thing that is hard to remember to do, and hard to remember HOW to do! Then I single crocheted around it. The buttons are for decoration only, but I think they look really great. The last thing I will do, besides weaving in ends, is to single  crochet or crab stitch an edge around the opening and handles to tie  it all together. I purchased some material, but am undecided as to what I will do about lining it. Most likely will, with a couple of pockets. We shall see.

What do you think so far?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inga's Tote

Actually this is called:   Inga's Haekelbeutel

I assume that means tote....???

This is a learning process.  This particular pattern is free on the  It's a pdf download, and in case it doesn't work you can access the Ravelry site which is below. If you click on the word English, not the link to the free pattern, the pdf file will pop up into another window.

So it calls for 16 squares...I made 12.  Several people who made it seemed to think it was too large, so I opted for a smaller version just in case.  I found that using Vanna's Choice, size I hook, the 12 squares were sufficient.  As you can see each one has four rows only....I was trying to get the look of a rainbow, but it didn't come out that way.  When I put them in a row, I put every other square a different color...and then putting it all the way together, sewing it up into the pouch/tote, it put all the same colors together! Hah!  Next time I am going to make each row the same color and see how that works out. I bought some cool buttons and have one handle finished.  Should have it ready before the end of the week.  It was going to be for a gift, but am liking it so much that I just may keep it. Yes!!
Do your thing and try this out.  Check out the Ravelry page and see some AWESOME totes...I mean haekelbeutel's........happy crocheting!