Monday, July 27, 2015

Window Panes Afghan

This is from the old book Vanna's Afghans All Through The House.  My two favorite afghan projects are made from patterns in this book.  Some day will try another one, but need to stretch my imagination as am not as fond of the look of most of them. I think it is the colors chosen. 

This one, however is my favorite!!!

I have finally returned to working on this afghan for my nephew and his wife for their new house.  I hope I get it finished before they move again!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finished the gauntlets and booties and on to the next booties!

This is the beginning of the new booties for Val.

 I have actually finished two soles and am up 1/2 way on one side.  Should be done in a week with both I hope!

I have not been as diligent on the tote, but am making progress.  Probably about almost 1/2 finished.  Looks great! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crocodile Gauntlets again, and my delightful gifts!

Well, well, well….having completed one crocodile gauntlet (pattern by Bonita Patterns) for the youngest granddaughter, and a set for the oldest, I realized something was wrong.  In finishing the bootie pattern the "scales" were flat and beautiful.  In the other two sets they curled and looked pretty awful to me (the girls don't know the difference and liked them any way, but I was curious as to why.

After going over the instructions I realized that one phrase - do not turn your work - is where I went wrong.  I did turn it.  However, that isn't even a fair statement.  The instructions are not quite exacting.

Can you see the difference between the two?

What the pattern should have said for me (knowing I need more info than most) is to begin my next row to the right side (not right side of the fabric) and not the left side.  Making the scales going right to left.  That makes a difference in the way your 'scales' lay (or is it lie?).  When made, the right side the scale (as in RS) is laying flat on top of the fabric.  The part that will be viewed is actually the BACK of the 'scale.'  You can tell by the way to top of your stitches look. As you all know when you crochet, the last loop will be in a position of "looking at you" and so when you turn your work, you can't really see the top of the stitch too well…just the back loop.

I knew when I finished the booty that something was different about the way I was making it, but could not put my finger on it until I messed around with "dissecting" the 'scales' to see how they looked.  If you make it backwards, like I did for all the gauntlets, they curl upward. Especially with the type of yarn I was using (Vanna's Glamour).

I have already started making the new gauntlets for the little one and will make another set for the older one.  They most likely won't even notice that they are different, but as they grow like weeds by the time I am finished, the first set I made will be too little for Amy Jo!

My DSD (their mom) brought back some lovely gifts from Sitka, AK for me. That is where she and her hubby grew up.  They take the girls every year and the little ones are getting to where they want to stay there, too! :o(

I am going to make a cowl with this lovely yarn.  She and I seem to like the same color ways!  Yay!

The tote is from the yarn store there in Sitka, called Knitting with Class.  I am not sure about the lotion and essential oils.

Then there is the bath ball…one of those super delightful things that fizzes in the tub while you soak!

Am looking forward to using it after the bathroom is refurbished.  Can't use the old tub now. Too little, too short, and the tiles surrounding it are coming out.

Lots of work to be finished!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finished…on to the tote!

I plan on making this tote for my next project in the group…the thread is Bags, Bags, Bags.  

The tote is designed by Elitza Chernaeva…I made her lovely fingerless gloves earlier this year so know that the instructions will be well written.  

I won't be putting the handles on simply because I am lazy.  I'll make rope or braid of some kind.  

These will be my colors. The darker teal color isn't that dark, and they are all pretty!