Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Cuteness Than A Person Can Stand!

Well, I should stay off the Blog Circuit.  I'm having too much fun looking at other designs and being jealous and wondering why in the world I don't have that type of design savy OR that type of skill!  I think I waste more time wishin' and hopin' than doin' and workin'!

Today I ran across yet another site that has my heart beating SO FAST!  Her name is Beth, and I am in awe.  Her web site "By Hook, By Hand" is fabulous! If you love Amigurumi, you will love what she produces.  And her patterns are to die for.  Take a look!

These just a few - check her out and see what I mean!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I finished the Sweet Kitty afghan (pattern and photo of my afghan) for my SIL, but had a small gauge square left over. It was smaller than the rest of the squares for the afghan, so could not use it. On hearing that there was a sweet cute little girl in Minnesota that was thrilled each time she saw the kitties on the computer, I felt the best home for this little puppy - er, I mean kitty - was with her.

Now please realize that this is the un-stuffed pillow as Mommy is going to need to do that part, and the ends are not woven in. Once the pillow form is in there it won't look so cockeyed as I had to pin the back to the front for the photo. Note the pins on the back. I doubled the yarn on the back and used the Brick and the Burgundy to give the backside a completely different look.

I hope the little darling will love getting it as much as I loved finishing it for her!  I am hoping to put her name under the Kitty so the pillow will be that much more special for her!

Now, on to finishing my BFF's scarf after picking up the skein I needed - hate running out of color in the midst of a project.  Grrrrrrrrrr.