Monday, October 15, 2018

Photo of the Tunisian Scarf

I see this one isn't showing it as a circular scarf, but it does show the pattern nicely.  It's a beautiful yarn.

The new iPhone and iPad updates give you all sorts of ways to update a photo in iMessage.  Looks like I am having way too much fun, and it was about 1 in the morning, so you know why.

Can't let you get away without a Brodie photo.  I put his fav couch out on the back covered deck but he would rarely get on it.  It finally dawned on me that he won't get on the furniture unless it is covered with a "doggie" blanket.  What a good boy he is!  Now I find him out there asleep in the early morning hours, when the sun is just peaking over the far away hills and trees - when I get up to make coffee.

Did I post about this?  My DSD gave me this pillow that I think is just darling! It's now resting on the  large long ottoman with another pillow she gave me. Really the pillow case. It says "I'd rather be called The Dog Lady than a people person."  This stems from my dislike of gatherings of people I don't know, and from her dogs who love me to distraction! Well, most everyone's dogs that is. For some reason dogs must think I am one of them.

I'm having a contest at my group on Ravelry and only two people joined in - so instead of me closing a name out of a hat I just went ahead and ordered some yarn for each of them.  My original idea was to rid myself of some of my yarn, but in that I am coming up on some surgery and have loads to do, I just didn't want to go hunting for yarn and see if I could find something they liked. This way I just pay for it…don't have to box it, take it to be mailed, or any of that. SO much easier! Plus it's nice yarn.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Long and Large Moss Stitch Scarf

Scarf for Julie

My DDIL wanted an 8", 8' scarf so I am playing along! She requested one half be in navy and half be in charcoal.  I had to have The Loopy Ewe help me find the colors as my first excursion into purchasing the grey turned out to be more of a lavender hue.  They were so kind and worked hard to find just the right one to go with my Malabrigo Rios in Paris Nights, below. Below that is the Uncommon Threads color called Grit in a DK weight. Even though Rios is a Worsted Weight, they are nearly identical. Close enough in a pinch!

I'm using the Moss Stitch (different than in knitting) for this scarf. It gives it a nice flat classy look.  You just use a sc/chain 1 across, back and forth.  I put the sc UNDER the chain which creates a reversible scarf pattern - both sides look alike. You need to be careful and very aware of where you are placing the stitch because if you put it through yarn anywhere it ends up looking different on the other side messing up the pattern.

So far I have completed 4 ft of the navy and am working on the charcoal color. I have about 3' finished in navy. The photos above capture the color pretty right-on, but I don't seem to be able to get a perfect photo of the two pieces of the scarf. Perhaps when I am finished with it and can take it outside it will show up better.  The grey looks a tad beige, but isn't.  The navy is brighter, too, and darker. 
At least you can see the pattern!

I did finish the other scarf and sewed the ends to gather to make an infinity scarf of sorts. I didn't twist it because the two sides do not match in the slightest!  However, it's still pretty special, and rather lovely I'd say!  I have't taken a photo of it, but when I finish this one I will photograph both.

Have a lovely Sunday!  I am enjoying our lovely sunshine out on the deck, so hope you have lots of sunshine to sooth your weary soul, too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tunisian Scarf

I'm working on a scarf in a lovely merino wool.  It is Into The Whirled Dresden DK in the color HiJinks. Very soft and easy to use.

I'm using a trellis type pattern someone who made a square for me in a swap had used. At least I think it is the same pattern. She used worsted and this is DK.

The pattern is TSS, Purl, TSS, Purl, etc to the end. Then you pull it back through as usual and in the next row it is a Purl, TSS, Purl, TSS, etc to the end. Doesn't matter if you have even or odd stitches just be sure you are putting a TSS on top of a Purl and vice versa. 

I don't do the pattern stitch on the last stitch as I like the edges to look the same. I didn't start out that way so you can see on the left for the first five or six rows how jagged the left side looks, and then how the rest is even.

When I do the last stitch in TSS I go through two loops..the regular stitch and the back part of the stitch. It makes for a very nice edge.

Now Brodies turn….

I bought my 135 dog a chair. It is more like a couch…is called a cuddle chair.  He was up on it one or two times and then would not get back on. It dawned on me that I always covered the area on the couch where he was allowed so figured he must have thought he wasn't allowed….or did not like the 'feel' of the material!  I covered it with a lovely soft blanket and he is on it all the time now! Unfortunately with the blanket the chair doesn't look 'lovely'!!

This is with the tan blanket. Didn't go with my green furniture so changed it.

Now he has it in the light green blanket. Hard to see a black dog.

Yes, my dog is spoiled….BUT….I like not having him on the furniture (which is all new and leather) where family and friends sit. The only people who will want to sit on this chair are the little ones and I don't care if they get black lab hair on them! LOL!