Thursday, July 12, 2018

Finished a scarf for my DSD Heidi

I finished this about a month ago.  If I posted it already, I'm sorry!  I feared it would be super hard, but turned out to be pretty easy once I got the hang of the repeats.  I think I made the tail too long and not enough of the larger wider area.  Need to try again - I have enough yarn left over (takes about 410 yards) as I bought two skeins.

I think I will use a different color, though. Have some in the same yarn, but in greens and beige which is super pretty. Will make it for me, and if it turns out okay I will make another one that is "right" for Heidi, or some other relative who might love one.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Muckleshoot Afghan Square

 Muckleshoot Square - Catherine Fry
I designed a square that looks TOTALLY different in different colors. I like the one below best.  I have written it up but need to go over it and make sure the instructions are right. Plus I need to do it in lighter colors (these were for the swap on Ravelry) so the elements show up better…and tweak a couple of the rows. The middle looks a bit plain to me so will try and fancy that up some to give it more texture.

Muckleshoot Square - Catherine Fry

These are some of the last squares I am sending out today.

Circle of Friends - Priscilla Hewitt

Amber Waves - Priscilla Hewitt

Eight Pointed Flower - Julie Yeager

I think I am going to use the colors in the bottom photo for the borders around my receiving squares. All mine are just textured in one color. I didn't want any flowers. Plain Jane…that's me!


IF you ever have to have a cortisone shot in your lower back regarding pain eradication, be sure you talk to your doctor about not being able to walk for several hours after the procedure. Mine did not make it clear. Of course I knew I would not be able to drive, but I did not know I would not be able to walk, too! However, would never change doctors or hospitals!

I just turned 71 and am quite amazed that the number is so high because I still feel like I did when I was 35.  I'd say 25, but my brain had not developed quite enough! LOL!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Farm to Table Swap Squares

I have only finished 10 squares as one I didn't really like (Square 2 in taupe) after looking at it for awhile. Will frog it and reuse the yarn later on.

These are all in Vanna's Choice yarn.  The #10 square is on my couch, no photo yet. I am still weaving in the ends. 

Click photo to see them all larger.

I had 14 Crepe Myrtle planted. One in front and the rest in back. I also had them plant a white Empress Dogwood in back. It will be the tallest of all of the tree/bushes.  Silly me, I thought they would come in as trees like they do in the South. Not so…just bushy, the old fashion way.  A couple I will be able to trim up to make a tree, but basically the rest are way too bushy already.

I will have one more put in front as it looks pretty lonely.

I also planted some Sweet Pea that is slowly coming up and several Clematis.  I planted seeds to many varieties of Poppy and am looking forward to seeing them all grow and bloom!  

My Daffodils are up and blooming, and one out of five of the Naked Ladies I planted is up. The others were too wet and rotted…dang. If the one makes it then it will keep making more bulbs so should have plenty in a few years.

Leaving in a few minutes to see the vet and find out exactly how the tests came out for my dog. I had him tested for allergies and for his DNA to see exactly what type of dog he really is - see if my nieces and nephews were fibbing to me! He is so darn stubborn and sometimes reminds me of a Bully, which I hope isn't the case. 

Next I have some Peony tubulars to plant, probably out front. Then need to figure out when and how to transplant the Rhodies. They don't get enough sun where they are now.

I hope you are having as much sun as we are now!