Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Grotine - gifting and keeping

I am learning to knit again - bought all the different needles, and had many from years before. It's a process for sure! Wanted to be ready for whatever project is before me. This one is the Grotine Scarf. Proceeds for the pattern go to the First Nations People in Canada. The crocheted pattern goes to those in the USA. All on Ravelry. 
You can see the various glaring errors if you knit, but I don't care. This is a learning experience for me and figure I can wear it with pride once finished. This gives me the motive to go ahead and finish the size 8 sweater I knit 45 years ago!

Click on this to enlarge and see the mountains and hills out on the horizon. This is a photo of what my dog trainer sees from his house (yesterday) in the evening. What you see way out there are the San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor, part of Washington. Makes me want to move up on the hillside!

Could not resit taking this photo. Several times yesterday Brodie would rest his head on Riley, which Riley seemed to enjoy.  Riley's head is a tad more square than Brodie's who takes more after a Lab. I keep hoping the English Mastiff droopy jowls are not going to be part of Riley's final make-up, but whatever he looks like he will be my love. 
I cannot explain or put into words just how these two have saved me. They make me laugh all the time, and my heart swells with love when they put their head on my lap - OR even obey! I am such a luck ol' dame!

May you have a great day, and if you are interested in the crochet or knit Grotine, wander on over to my group on Ravelry, Cat's Crochet & Knitting Chatter. Keri is there doing most of the work.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

CAT'S DECREASES - decreases my way


This is a dc decrease.  You use the same principal in a sc decrease or trb decrease. Always draw up the first loop in the next stitch, then go ahead and draw up a loop the the second stitch. Pull THAT loop through the first loop you pulled through the first stitch. You now have what would look like a normal dc (or sc or trb) stitch, and you continue just as it that were the case.

Pulling up a loop in first stitch after initial yo…..

Pull up the second loop in the next stitch….

Pull THAT loop through the one next to it (not the yo)…

Now you have three loops just as it you had started a normal dc, so you complete the stitch just as if it was a regular dc…yo, pull through two loops, yo pull through two loops

 In this instance I did another decrease toward the end of the row

The next row, and every row after a decrease row, I do regular dc's across, then turn,  and do the decreases again, one on each side making a triangle! 

If you click on the photos you can search for the decreases! They are hard to find….which is exactly why I devised this decrease for all stitches!!!

I have been doing this for years. I think it is easier that the “regular” way.

When I decrease I do a yarn over (this would be dc decrease in this instance, as above), go through the stitch indicated, pull up a loop, go to the next stitch and pull up a loop, then I pull that loop carefully through the first loop pulled through the first stitch indicted, so at that time I now have the amount of loops for a regular dc. I just continue with the dc. It makes it look like a regular dc.
When I do it with sc it is about the same (and it looks the best of the two stitches). I go through the loop indicated and pull up a loop, do the same on the next stitch, and then that last loop I pull through the first loop and now have only two loops on the hook. I yo an pull the yarn through the two loops on the hook.

Monday, March 25, 2019



My kids are very sweet and give me flowers at different times of the year. You can't see the white orchid.   The Amaryllis was a gift from my wonderful sister-in-law, Eileen, who passed away awhile back. As I live in an area where plants can't be outside during the winter, it isn't conducive to a tidy house when you have pots all over your dining room table. The window is too cold, and I can't tote them outside to put in the Yarn Barn.

Although I love their thoughtfulness, every year I asked for NO candy and NO plants. Every year guess what I get!!!! LOL!

I am having a difficult time understanding the nuances of knitting. I find that there is skipping of what I would need to know what to do next…at least for this hat. It's as cute as can be, and designed by someone who appears to have a handle on knitting. I readily admit that I cannot write a pattern well at all, so I have no high horse to sit on. I just don't get some of it and have to ask. I also realize that some may think that I am stupid…which I am not.  I may ask too many questions, more than most, but it is mainly to help me figure things out. I'm one of those who needs to know "why" not just how to do something. It irked my mom and I think it irks others.

Just the way it is with me!!!

I am lucky that I have some friends who knit and who were able to help me. This is where I got stuck right off!  You can see the finished product in the last post.

This photo above is the right side of the band. Looks a little off to me.

This is the inside, or wrong side, or the band. I like it a lot better!

As previously mentioned  I am doing a crochet hat…and my counts are a bit off. Can't figure out why. I have gone over the whole of my crocheting so far and still can't figure it out. I will keep checking and keep going.

In April it is a toss up what the knitting group will choose to make. One of the three patterns is a sock pattern. I downloaded it and am thinking about it, but just don't quite feel that it will be easy enough to finish in a month. I guess since I don't knit all day, just here and there. We shall see.

Hermione's Everyday Socks

Easter comes in April this year on April 22nd.  I am going to start decorating my tree…the
St. Paddy's Day tree is starting to be stripped! Last years Easter Tree was pretty sparse, so I think I'll get another set of hanging eggs or something similar.

I have the pattern All-in-One Cardigan which is crochet.

I am wondering if there is one similar that is in knit. I'd like to try that…or something easy…to make it for my new niece born the end of January. I checked Ravelry but didn't find one.

I have several nieces who have April birthdays, several friends, and a sister-in-law. It's going to be a busy month! My granddaughter's birthday is today but they are vacationing so I plan to send her money when they get back and a token present. She will be 13 and will want to purchase some things for herself. Hard to pick out presents for a teen these days!

Taxes will need to be filed in about two+ weeks. I have sent mine it…reluctantly! I owe more this year. So much for a tax cut for me. I am finding that most of my friends and relatives owe more money which should not be since we middle class folks were told we got a tax cut. Just the big whigs I guess. GRRRRR.


Both dogs have allergies. I have Brodie on a high powered anti-itch med that isn't really good for him. Too many kidney problems have followed, so want to get him off. I bought leather furniture so it would not keep the allergens in the fabric, bought hardwood floors, have him on the anti-itch med, antihistamines, salmon oil (pure) and pro-biotics. NOTHING works.

I have used a product that is for yeast and bacterial infections, and that seems to help the most, but since I can't bathe them, they just have too much of it on them. I bought wipes to use, and that helps. The big problem is there seems to be no cure and so far, no silver bullet.

I'm stumped. Hopefully when I can have them bathed they will get better. For now we stay out of the yard (mostly) during the heavy polled hours.