Thursday, February 15, 2018

Chevron Scarf for Valentine's!


So, I have been working on a scarf with RED in it to go with some of my outfits.  I added PINK and GREY and a deeper CRANBERRY red to mix things up.  Chevron, of course.  While watching TV and worrying about my dog, I sit on the couch to crochet.

I don't remember if I posted the first photo or not, but it shows the colors a little more true to my way of thinking. You can never tell these days with the computer screens.

I have about four more rows and then will hook it together. I tend to wear the infinity scarves more often as they stay on, and stay in place. You can wrap them or not, and that makes them versatile.

My problem is going to be the area when I began the scarf. It doesn't match the rest, so will need to take out all the red and the two rows of pink, then join it.  I saw a pattern where the designer used a knitting method of starting a pattern to then join it in the round when your are finished.  I'm going to need to cut the scarf before the new "first" row, and see if I can do the join from that pattern…once I find it!  
Someone asked me about the chevron. It is the same one I use in almost all my scarves.  I don't count out how many chains to use…when I get the amount of chevrons I want I go back and cut the chains off and weaving the end.  

I just chain what I think I will need plus a "bunch" more. That way I can decide as I crochet exactly how wide I want the scarf.  Yarns are different, and I never know what hook I will use.  

In my pattern I just turn at the end of the chain, chain one, single in the first chain and then in 
next four.  According to the pattern I want I either sc 3 in the next chain or sc/ch2/sc.  Either of these will work for the top of the chevron.

Then I just sc down four chains, sk 2ch, sc "up" the other side 4 times. That's the gist of it.  When you are ending your row, try to do it on the down slope…and then you will sc5 times down the side.

Turning you will sc in the first stitch, skip 1 sc and sc in the next stitch (this is a one stitch decrease). You just sc three more times (5 stitches on that side always), then do the peak with whichever increase you chose.

The valley's will always be the 4sc, sk2, 4sc to the peak.

The deal is you are adding two stitches (one each side of the peak)  and at the bottoming the valley you are decreasing two stitches, so it always looks the same.
You can have 6 or 8 or whatever you want, for each side which will decide just how large you want the scarf to be.

I don't explain well, so if you have a question let me know!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Afghan for DSD, my scarf and Maggie

I love this afghan.  Donna made this for me for my step-daughters birthday which is today…Valentine's Day.  Isn't it great!  I'm in awe! Did not think she could actually make the template from the photo, but wow, she did and it is better than I thought it would ever be! She is amazing!

I made this chevron scarf for me….and I actually am wearing it as am getting ready to go shopping.  It is pretty comfy! No pattern….just an ordinary chevron and different colors.

I'm using Molly B. for my model. She was given to me by BFF Bev Matheson.  I had her on the deck for sort of a garden decoration, but decided she would appreciate it if I brought her in and dressed her up.  She can also be a "he" if I make the right clothes! LOL!

Maggie….my heart is broken. She is in kidney failure but thanks to CBD/THC oil she is pretty happy! It is killing off any pain which is amazing. You would not know she is super super sick and she isn't limping either, but she isn't going to make it much longer. 
Her numbers were much much higher, even after all of those expensive treatments. The vet wanted to put her down yesterday, but I wasn't ready, and neither was she.  My vet is about as kind as anyone could be and she hates seeing dogs suffer. She felt that it was better to do it while she can walk and isn't miserable, but since I had started the drops she is pretty happy.
She isn't really eating a lot - lost 3 pounds in one week - but she is eating.  I have an appointment for Friday to test her again and perhaps let her go.  I am really really not happy.  Just like any one of you would be, and probable have been, under the same or similar circumstances.

This is MY Valentine Heart……...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I have finished weaving in the ends on my first sea side colored chevron scarf.  Looks really good! As soon as I get it blocked and dried I'll post a photo.  I did join the ends and twist it so that it stays sort of flat on the chest.  

I'm liking the Valentine scarf, too.  That one should not take toooooo much longer to finish.  I think I'll make a similar one in Vanna's Choice in a light pink and a light silver.

Took Maggie to the vet's this morning for her second day of fluids.  They give her meds in her fluids, too.  

Last night after I was nearly asleep she started throwing up.  I jumped out of bed and cleaned it up and she went out to drink some water (I keep a bowl on the deck outside my bedroom door as well as on the deck outside the dining area).  I heard her throwing up more out there. She just looked miserable.  Since it was four hours after she ate I am assuming it was from the 1/2 pain pill I gave her.  She had been limping so much I thought she might like that. Nope. I guess she can't tolerate it now.

I'm at a loss as to what to do.  For now I think I will just see if I can get her to eat, not give her pain meds, and see if she is "happy enough" after all the treatments are complete.  I don't see that she is hurting or feeling bad except for the limp and, of course, her tummy issue. If either gets worse I guess my baby will have to be sent on to be with her daddy, and brother and sister.  That's all three of them below. Sami died of cancer and Chuckie was 17 and just got old….three months apart.

Not looking forward to the rest of this year knowing what it will bring at some point.

Picked her up at the vets. Her numbers are down quite a lot, so I'll take her in again tomorrow to see if it will go down more.  Her one number is actually normal, and the other two are still high, but 1/3 to 1/2 of what they were.  This is all a stop gap method, as eventually the kidney disease will get her, but for now there is hope she can live happily for another year maybe.

Here is a toast to better days ahead!

Sid and baby Maggie.