Sunday, March 18, 2012

They fit - well, close enough!

 The teal belongs to the one wearing the purple (you can see the purple is short on her) and the purple belongs to the little one. I think it is too wide, although the length might be okay on the wee one.  Unless I use a smaller hook next time, I don't think the VC drapes well enough in a small sweater.  I WILL try in one more time in VC with a F or G hook and see how that does....and make them longer.  These girls are growing tall!

Aren't my granddaughters soooooooooooo beautiful!??? Stickers and all!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purple finished now...bigger that I think it should be

I did a Crazy Stitch for the skirt part of this one.  I also just put a single crochet border on the front starting at the bottom, continuing the border up into making the tie. Sure was a lot easier than fixing a tie to it!  I did not border the neckline as it looked fine.
I will finish the second one in teal which I'm making a tad larger and with a different pattern for the skirt just in case the other one is way too small for the six year old.
THEN I am going to work diligently on the Patriot's Afghan for my nephew.  I may have to stop again for another birthday for the granddaughters, BUT I plan on getting this thing done before it turns hot in the summer.  Can't abide working on hot afghans in 90 degrees.
Luckily I am one corner away from finishing my girlfriends afghan!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Done....

So, I finished my little gem of a sweater....much to my surprise (NOT!) it looks like it is a tad small for the six year old.  Hmmmm....back to the drawing board. I think I should have used more stitches at the neck line and added another row or two for the bodice. is really cute, and I have TWO granddaughters so what one can't wear the other one can (most of the time!).  I am busy on a purple one that I had already started for the soon to be four year old, and it looks too big for her....see. All things work out!  I have also started another one of these sparkly ones just in case a larger size will work better for the elder.  
I worked the last row about 9" from the armhole, but it still looks small.  I'll let you all know once she tries it on.
So this is something I sent in a swap for Liz's daughter...thought it was too cute! Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream.  Nice little happy face.

This went to the brother.  Such an inquisitive little fellow. I just love the sweet faces on these amigurumi characters.
 Today has been a bonanza day! I pulled some weeds in the garden, drove to the big city (50 miles away) and visited with my dear brother-in-law, then drove to his granddaughter's new home to have a look see while my niece (the mom) was there helping out.  Such a cute home!  I'm going to pay for the sod in the back yard to help her out. Just love it when hard work pays off!
More on the bonanza....I received two books from is a book on beginning tatting and a shuttle, and the other is the new book by Linda Permann called "Little Crochet-modern designs for babies and toddlers."
It's super wonderful! The reason I purchased it was because there was a top down cardigan design in there!  The neckline is rounded rather than raglan, more open, and it has buttons. Otherwise looks pretty close in construction to several of the others I have seen on the web. The balance of the designs are awesome, so if you like to make toys, goodies, or clothes for the little ones I think you will love this book. It even has some help pages to show you how to measure the babies and adjust the patterns. I imagine if you think about it, you could try making your own designs for your little one just using the same basics!
I'll let you know this summer how the tatting comes along!

ETA: I went to the Lion Brand blog and they were talking about top down, raglan sweaters and adding length! ;o) How appropriate! It's the March 8th page.