Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purple finished now...bigger that I think it should be

I did a Crazy Stitch for the skirt part of this one.  I also just put a single crochet border on the front starting at the bottom, continuing the border up into making the tie. Sure was a lot easier than fixing a tie to it!  I did not border the neckline as it looked fine.
I will finish the second one in teal which I'm making a tad larger and with a different pattern for the skirt just in case the other one is way too small for the six year old.
THEN I am going to work diligently on the Patriot's Afghan for my nephew.  I may have to stop again for another birthday for the granddaughters, BUT I plan on getting this thing done before it turns hot in the summer.  Can't abide working on hot afghans in 90 degrees.
Luckily I am one corner away from finishing my girlfriends afghan!


  1. I love this sweater. Just finding your blog thru Bev...Im joining late but I will be giving this little sweater a try.

  2. You snuck this one in on me . . . guess I must have been sleeping when the "skirt" was done. Hum . . what do you call the part under the bodice on a sweater . . . the body, maybe? Oh, well . . . it is the skirt right now . . lolol

    1. I think you are right...body sounds better...but often words don't pop to mind!

  3. Hi! So sweet of you to will find that my instructions are woeful! I count on people adding their own touches and being pretty familiar with crochet. Poor Paula had to decipher my very first ones and over the years my writing skills are not any better! So, if you do try this PLEASE feel free to criticize, complain, and generally moan if you can't make sense of it. My thoughts are to push people into doing their own designing by default! ;o) Hah!