Sunday, March 18, 2012

They fit - well, close enough!

 The teal belongs to the one wearing the purple (you can see the purple is short on her) and the purple belongs to the little one. I think it is too wide, although the length might be okay on the wee one.  Unless I use a smaller hook next time, I don't think the VC drapes well enough in a small sweater.  I WILL try in one more time in VC with a F or G hook and see how that does....and make them longer.  These girls are growing tall!

Aren't my granddaughters soooooooooooo beautiful!??? Stickers and all!


  1. Cute as Buttons . . girls and sweaters both :0}

  2. They are darling and the little vests look so cute on them. Ahhhhhh, sweet.

  3. I'm not sure if you do awards or not. If you don't, no problem . . but I still want you to know why I want to give one to you.

    The award is called the Liebster Blog Award . . . meaning favorite blog award. I am supposed to give it to a 5 bloggers I appreciate and value.

    I so appreciate everything you have been through this past year and kept going. It has shown me what a strong woman does.

    I also value what you say in your blogs and on Ravelry. You make me think and wonder about things.

    If you do want the award, just stop my blog to pick it up. If not, at least stop by and see what I wrote about you :0}