Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jellyfish hanging around, scarves in the making!!!

My morning view of the new snow on the Olympics!

Every time I want to say "Good Morning" two things come to mind and they are polar opposites.

First I hear the jingle for the orange juice company and it is super bright and cheery and I imagine little blue birds dancing around.

The second one is the Subaru commercial where the two backwoods men are watching the refined  Subaru owner looking for a place in the woods to do his thing!  Not THAT'S the one that sticks with me for the rest of the day! LOL!

Well morning is over with, so on with crocheting.  I am testing a pin-wheel square on Ravelry.  It is super cute.  Can't post it yet, but if you are on Ravelry you can find her photos.  It's Tunisian.

I am also making my nieces and nephew some hanging jellyfish characters….don't think I posted here about that.  OMGoodness they are sooooo cute.  I had to order fiberfill as no place here carries it unless Walmart does.  Did not feel like walking all over that huge store looking for it.  The fiberfill should be here tomorrow I think, and then will finish the one that is ready to stuff and can then quickly finish the other ones.

I'm working on a scarf, too, for Operation Gratitude.  A lot of ladies in my group have already surpassed me and are sending the scarves off.  I bet there is a time limit and I missed it.  Even if they can't go overseas, there are vets here that could use them.  It was cold this morning…38 when I woke so know it is cold in other places around the US. Hope to finish more than one.

Eye candy!
  Brodie at 134 pounds and 1 year, 3 months old.


  1. every time I think Indy is big I think of Brodie . . . LOLOL . . . she is only 75 pounds, half of him :)

    1. I know…I used to think Maggie was big at 50 pounds when I had little 15 pound dogs. Now she feels like a baby!

  2. What cute jellyfish !! Scarf is gorgeous that is so awesome you are making those for military folks