Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas in July photos

I don't remember if I posted about the Christmas in July swap before, and am too lazy to go look.  

The items below are what I made for my swap partner.   All with hangers for the tree…I love hand made goodies for the Christmas tree.  This year I am putting it up again because I now feel I have "settled down" in the house that is my home.

Now lucky me, the following photos are of the gorgeous goodies I received!

The photo below, although a bit fuzzy, shows the one hanging ornament from the above two photos.  It's hard to tell from the other two photos that it is the same ornament, or even how thick it is.

I have all of these hanging on various knobs in my kitchen waiting to be added to my tree!  I will be dragging the tree out in the next week or so (before Thanksgiving mind you) so I can continue to decorate it with some extra lovelies, and perhaps make more.

Started my Christmas shopping, too, although I think I only bought one present and the rest was for me! 



  1. Everything is SO ADORABLE! That project bag is just the sweetest.

    1. Thanks Paula. That was super easy to make and could be made for a knitter with two tooth picks, or a crocheter with a bent wire (unless you want to spend time creating a hook with a tooth pick! LOL!!

  2. I love your color eye-- these are super adorable -- the last project you noted is the same I am doing of the flower ( very popular on pintrest this pattern ) I am not doing a good job of making them all the same!! Yours looks so perfect I love it!! I love how these all Scandinavian inspired in the colors