Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Window Pane Afghan

I started making this lovely thing for my nephew in California.  He and his wife are renovating a home using some lovely tones of grey and taupe and camel…lighter than what the afghan has in it, so I suppose the afghan will be the "color" in the room! Hopefully a lovely focal point.

THEN I discovered I was ONE stitch off after I was starting the second set of double trebles in the camel color.  I kept thinking that the wandering charcoal double long trebles was due to their length.  It was, however, their placement.  I guess I can't count.

So this is my froggy.

I am starting over again. One nice thing is that using the winder to help frog makes it a less painful experience!

Today I had the Lowe's people out to discuss the placement of my fence in back. Could not get my neigbor back there to return my calls, so we were having to come up with an odd placement to keep off her land.  In looking at the plats it came to my attention that my next door neighbor is encroached by 5 feet onto my property.  I had no idea when I purchased the house that what he fenced in was mine.  I don't think I can do anything about it but that bugs me when I have a hard time fencing what IS mine and find out someone else seemed to have an easy time fencing what is MINE.

Owning a home can be so interesting!

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  1. That's a beautiful afghan - love your color choices! Soooo sorry to see it pulled out but hopefully you'll be back to where you were soon :D Best of luck with the fence issue!