Friday, August 26, 2016

TARGET on line subscription


Have you had any dealings with Target on line?  I never had until recently.  I saw they had my favorite coffee so signed up for a subscription where they deliver it every month at a discounted price.

Guess what!  They didn't have what I ordered. They shipped a different kind. So I called and complained and told them to cancel the subscription and the account. I would be nice and keep the coffee but didn't want any more.

Then wrote them a message.

Then went on line to cancel.  Did you know they won't let you cancel on line?  BEWARE!!!   It is like they have you in handcuffs once you open an account and subscribe to an ongoing delivery.

So - I went on line to chat (again) and called the customer service (again).  Oh, it's cancelled for sure!


Received an email to confirm the upcoming shipment of the next subscription. Called again, and again I spoke to a supervisor who said not to worry, it was all cancelled and to ignore that silly little email I received saying that my upcoming order would be shipped.


I now receive another email saying that it HAS shipped.  So I go on line and talk with the Chat people - again.  This is the third time.

She tells me she can't do anything (after 20 minutes) and to call the customer service line (same one I spoke to before - that was Tom, the supervisor).  Today I spoke with Daniel, the supervisor.  He could not help me.

He passed me on to Jaime, the BIG supervisor (who sounded like he was 15).  Jaime says that he will make sure (Ahem! ever hear that before Cat???) that the account is cancelled, that the subscription is cancelled and that I won't be bothered again.  Of course, that is the something I had expected, but now don't.

We shall see.

In either case I am going to dispute the charge and refuse the shipment.


It took another two rounds of talks to finally get to a nice and intelligent woman who was able to cancel my subscription. Wrote to CEO to explain my frustration. An  "associate" called me to apologize and say to please come back to Target.  She said she would send me a $25 gift certificate to make me happy, and would email it.

Guess what.

She didn't.  So my bottom line still stands.



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