Sunday, August 7, 2016

Blue Sparkle for Alice

My granddaughter has always loved blue.  When she was five and younger her favorite above all else was Jack Skellington, and he was her "best friend" as far as she was concerned.  It was almost like he was real.  Not until Frozen came out did she start to like things more girly.  

It was just the opposite for the older granddaughter, so Alice is now easier to find things she would like.  If it is blue and it sparkles, I'm in!  

This is a Premier yarn similar to the Red Heart Shimmer.  However, it is DK weight.  I was going to do a bulky sweater for her but it would have taken about 8 skeins at one time and my poor hook and hands could not handle that!  

I decided on making one called Sophie's Cardigan which you can find on Etsy with this link, or on Ravelry.  Her designs are ALL outstanding and I plan on making some for my nieces in MA.  Sizing is always an issue for me because I don't live near them.

The cardigan I am making is quite similar to one I actually made up so know she will like it.  She wore that one until she could not get it on any longer, and it was teal blue sparkly cardigan made with Shimmer. I guess I made one for Amy Jo in purple but don't remember it so much.  I don't think it fit well, so made another one in the same blue, which was good for Alice as she graduated from the smaller one to the larger one.

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  1. I love this style of cardigan. Can't wait to see it finished.

    I know the feeling of "will it fit." I always cross my finger and tend to go larger, just in case.