Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Blue Sparkle Sweater

The Blue Sweater is coming along nicely.  The pattern is Sophie's Cardigan.

This is the yoke which seemed to need some decreases as the back became a bit too "full" - sort of balloonist.  Hopefully the tab she has you make with take care of it.

Joined the under arms and started the body.


I bought several buttons as she said she wanted 'fancy' ones….

She settled on the glass ones that "look like diamonds" to her.

I have one 'short sleeve' finished and am hoping that she wants it that way rather than long sleeve (bad G'ma!).  The length is finished (and a bit long so she can wear it for a couple of years). 

I'm pretty sure she will love it simply because it is blue and is sparkly!

The  yarn is the Downton Abbey yarn collection,  Lady Mary in Cobalt Twinkle by Premier Yarns.  It is a DK weight, and I am using an H hook.  

Somewhere in the middle of the body I picked up a Clover hook but had been using a Dreamz hook.  It turns out that the Clover is really a tad larger than the Dreams, so it is a little on the puffier side where I have used the Clover that it would have already been.  It's okay, but think I will try to perfect the look of the sweater when I block it out.

I also saw that another person who had used this pattern kept the top yoke pattern going throughout the sweater all the way to the end.  I started to do the pattern at the bottom but only did one row when I realized I was already at my last row for her size!

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