Thursday, August 11, 2016

August Mood Scarf - Cat's Crochet Corner on Ravelry

Along with the other smaller projects, I am working on a Mood Scarf which is an A-long that my BFF Bev started in the group on Ravelry.  I chose two colors originally - a light grey for my not so great days and a medium steel blue for my happier days. Here in WA state there are quite a few overcast days so thought the colors would be appropriate to the moods!

I am using a P hook and Vanna's Choice with one color in Waverly.  The stitch is the Tunisian Knit Stitch, and I think 13 stitches across, there about.

I found, however that if I had two happy days or two yucky days, it was making the pattern too Dr. Who like…which would be okay if that is what I wanted, which I didn't.

I added a darker grey and a lighter blue.  I decided on three rows for yucky days and five rows for nicer mood days - giving it more blue if I have my way. Not showing up that way yet.

I think I need to also make a judgment call and use the darker yarn next to the light yarn.  You can see in the scarf that in two of the last three color rows I have light blue next to light grey and it rather melts into each other making it hard to tell where one starts and one ends.

So many rules for such a simple scarf idea!  I will be happy to have it though - for someone who never work scarves or carried umbrellas, I have come a long way to being a scarf collector!  I still don't do umbrellas though.

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