Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hook, Hooky, Hookie!

I have had a renewed interest in hooks….larger hooks.  Years ago when I first stared crocheting a lot I found a MoEZ group that crocheted Tunisian (generally) graphs with large hooks which were supposed to make your project go faster.


I purchased quite a few of them (note long hook on the left with red end).  It is about a 13mm.  They are very very smooth and very light. Even much lighter that bamboo.

The top two are size R - 17mm, and Q - 15.75mm and are ChiaoGoo hooks. The brown one is a Dreamz hook which is a 12mm hook.  The one under that is a 11mm hook from a company called Twin Birch out of North Carolina, a family business.  Their hooks are very pointy, so I just order them and then take an emery board and soft the end to where I feel comfy.  I tend to poke myself all the time! It's a lovely family business and you will enjoy working with them.

The bottom green one is an interchangeable hook from Dreamz in size N, 10mm.  I love the feel of the Dreamz hooks because they are polished to the nth degree, and come in lovely colors. However, when working with anything under an I hook I'd rather use a Clover if it is regular crochet.  Tunisian, I'll take a Dreamz or one of the LionBrand plastic hooks which have no thumb indentation and are PERFECT for Tunisian. A larger project will be made with the interchangeable hooks with the cables.

Lately there have been quite a few garments being made with bulky yarns and using large hooks, both regular crochet and Tunisian.  I was about ready to make my granddaughter a lovely sweater in bulky yarn but could not find any that was appropriate for her.  That was a bummer.  Instead, I ended up using the sparkly blue yarn for her sweater.

I bought some of the new Malabrigo yarn from The Loopy Ewe (my FAVORITE on line store!) which is sort of like a tie dyed roving wrapped in a nylon hair net cover!  I have one in each color. They ARE lovely!

I hope that since it is so thick I will be able to make a nice scarf/cowl/something with each one.  don't remember exactly but think it is 90 yards.

This yarn went FAST!  I went on line right when they loaded it up and in the process of looking they started disappearing!!  

Enjoy whatever project you are in the process of making, or thinking about making!


  1. Sitting here laughing at myself. The bottom 4 yarns are gorgeous and I'm thinking they look like brains, some kind of Star Trek-ish tumors for Bones McCoy to operate on . . . way to many years teaching Life Sciences for this girl :)

    1. Yes!! I understand that completely!