Monday, May 30, 2016

Windowpane Afghan update

I doubt that this looks like I have made progress, but I have.  Actually, I finished the top section you see that is cream with the row of tan on the top edge, along with the next two rows of grey, and have started another set of tan.  Each row is single crochet, with treble and double treble front posts slipped in ever so often making the "panes".

There is a wedding this weekend and I wanted to bring it along for my nephew from CA who will be there, but I am quite sure I won't get it finished.  As it is I have to wear the brace on my right arm/wrist, and ice the wrist a couple of  times a day. After I finish the panes I will still have the border to complete, and that will take a few days.

This is a photo of my cousins great-grandparents and their kids crossing the Columbia River.  I don't know exactly where it is, but think it must be near Kennewick somewhere or Pendleton because they ended up Palouse country in Idaho/Washington area where they raised their children on an Indian reservation.  Back then they could lease their land and have a farm. No dams then so not as deep.

The weather is beautiful and getting warmer, which means crocheting indoors is getting harder and harder!  I will trudge along.  I accepted an invitation to grill out at my DSS's house and visit with my DDIL's mom while there.  Also, their good friends came which made it for a very nice visit.  Such wonderful people all around!  Brat's were good, but the one I had was spicy.  After adding catsup, mustard and also mayonnaise I was able to reduce the "heat" so I could eat it…it was quite good even with all the 'goo' on it!  I brought S'more's' fixings as had not had one since Blue Birds when I lived in Wheatland, CA!  That was in the early 50's!

In the meanwhile, I close with a photo of a little Johnny-Jump-Up, that just "jumped up" in the crack in my driveway! It is a violet, often called an American Field Pansy.  Hardy little things!

Have a great week!

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  1. LOVE Johnny Jump Ups . . so pretty for no work.