Monday, May 2, 2016

Progress on the Beanie

The top is meant to be the right side and below is the wrong side…however, I think it would be reversible…especially as the ribbing will show up on the brim when it is turned toward the "wrong" side of the beanie.

I am going to try my hand at making a beanie with reversing just the portion that is in the lighter magenta color so that when it is turned up both the hat and the folded brim will be shown in ribbing.

Next one I make will be in NFL colors. Right now I am again nursing the bump on my right hand.  You'd think that it would be used to the slip stitch, but NO - it seems to get worse with that and the post stitches.

The flowers are from the front yard on the SW side…these are the ones that I planted, except for the ones with the white dangling flowers. I forgot what that are called.  They multiply every year so that now they are standing up, thick as thieves!  Before each stem would bend sideways with the weight of the plant.

I like these two Iris, and have them near each other. They are pretty much opposites in color and to me they really are beautiful together. You have to look twice to realize you aren't looking at the same one!

Pansies….they remind me of my husband. When he passed away they bloomed in December at the Idaho house right after…it was like he was telling me he was okay.

This is a Japanese Iris.  Looks like they are all in the same family of colors!

So what are these called?  Snowdrops?  (You will laugh when you saw what I wrote! I almost published it until I read through again…I typed Snot drops! Yikes!!

Enjoy your Monday!  And if you have a chance there is a cool site Called Cath Kinston you might want to check out.  Very UK!!  Love the pattern so much!

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  1. I am so jealou of your flowers. The Daffodils in the front bed are on their last legs. The orange tulips are gone but the red and yellow ones are still pretty. In the back yard the grape hyacinths have multiplies like bunnies :)

    Snot drops...LOLOL