Friday, May 13, 2016

A package came

This is the swap package I received.  I am to make whatever strikes my fancy with the contents.

Then this happened:

I thought it was carpal tunnel again, but turns out it is bursitis.

So I had to slow down…BUT did manage to make this beauty:

which then...

became THIS beauty!

…and I love it!

In the meanwhile Brodie went off to college. :o)  I wanted him to learn not to body slam me any more.

He is a little hard for them to train, but finally seems to be getting the hang of it.

My flowers seem to be popping up all over. Below is the cream peony.

This is a bright orange flower that I can never remember the name of…will check….Quince!!!  I really need to learn what to do with the fruit.

and below is the peachy pale pink peony...

…and my sweetpeas!!! They smell so good!!

There are many many more thanks to the people who owned the house before me. I only planted a few Iris and the Quince.

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Your crochet basket is great, and I love all of your flowers; it is fun to inherit lovelies from previous owners.

    Brodie looks a bit puzzeled :-)