Friday, January 8, 2016

January and Crocheting!

….and some knitting was going on. Unfortunately my dog (the 'puppy') grabbed it off the table and took it outside to play with.  He detached the cord from the knitting needle so the cord is no good, but the needles survived!  The yarn was dirty, but he didn't chew it up so I unraveled it all and will wash it before ever trying something new.  
Now to start ANOTHER scarf for my daughter-in-law.  I was originally making this for her birthday but that date has long gone so sent something else.  I still need to make her the scarf, though.  Not a cowl unless it is one of those LONG ones.  I am not sure which she would like the best.
I am using a pattern by RubraC on Ravelry.  Her Dancing Trees pattern.  I am leaving out the pattern, though!  It's pretty but already made a pair for my step-daughter.  I wanted just the really comfy ones made with the post stitches.  I changed the bottom wrist area because I have a spade like hand where the area above the wrist is quite large.  I can't get some gloves to fit over that area, so I did a stretch rib section with a larger hook.  Worked like a charm!  I love these!
This is a sneak peek at a hat I am testing for RubraC.  Can't show it all…but she is using the post stitches again and a lovely pattern.  The yard is actually BLUE but didn't come up that way. Looks grey. It's gorgeous!  When she puts it up for sale, I will post a REAL photo of it.
Last, but not least, is my ADULT coloring book!  I had no clue that they made adult books to color.  I buy kids coloring books all the time and have my whole life. I have always found it relaxing and energizing and never knew others did the same thing. In fact, most of the time when I would tell people about it they kind of laughed at me.
Now I feel vindicated!  I received the gift from the other grandmother and was so excited started coloring right away. Then, not feeling like I had enough pencils, bought a huge set…and of course while looking at them saw MORE adult coloring books! Then bought an electric pencil sharpener so I can use them up!
Now I have enough of both to keep me busy until the Lord calls me upstairs!  


  1. Love the loves. I have made several pairs for others but none for myself. They are on my to do list :)

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