Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cute Pattern For A Small Kiddo, plus a few yarnie goodies!

I was looking around and saw that Bev had posted a pattern she designed.  It is really, really darling!  She has several others on her blog, but this is the one that caught my eye at first.  The Ayasha Baby Cardigan.  Hope you like it as much as I did! Look around and find the rest of what she has posted.

I have finished the hat pattern by RubraC which will be sent to my DSIL Carol.  She lives in Michigan.  Although they have been missed by most of the heavy awful snow blizzard, it is still cold there.  I am hoping this will fit her.  If not I can do another one!

This is in a Mrs. Crosby yarn and although it doesn't show up as such, to me it looks like a soft stone washed light denim color.

My DSD Heidi is sending me the fingerless mittens she made (see below).  I think they are just darling! I especially love that my name is on them. :o)

I am still working on the red cowl for me.  I have used three skeins and am getting ready to start a fourth.  I am hoping that is all that I will need.  It is a lot heavier than I thought it would be, so if I were to do it again I should use a J or K hook instead of the I. The photo below is about half of what is finished.  I will need to put a few rows on each side to get it wider as right now it doesn't quite live up to a "hood look".

Just for kicks…I had a photo I took added to the front of a white sweatshirt.  I like how it looks, but unfortunately the sweatshirt shrunk a tad too much so isn't comfy.  Unfortunately I didn't shrink along with it!  I'm working on that (again), though.

Brodie is now over 90 pounds and just turned 6 months on the 18th.  Maggie is 52 pounds and 10 years old, so she is now tolerating him when before she was enjoying him. He still has some rambunctious behaviors that aren't conducive to the happiness and well being of an older arthritic dog.

Lastly, this is the plant my DSIL Eileen gave me several years ago.  I have left it in this pot for years and it is barely enjoying its time on earth, so have vowed to make it to Walmart today to purchase a bigger pot for it & repot it so the roots can have room to breath!  At least it is peeking out now!

Have a glorious week!

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