Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scarf and Crude Oil!

I am finished with the scarf I was making for my DDIL.  It is about 62" without blocking.  I used Mrs. Crosby's Carpet Bag yarn in Squid Ink.  There is no pattern per se as just used a shell type stitch that wasn't too lacy and would give it some texture. She isn't into "girlie." I haven't taken a photo yet of the entire scarf.

This photo shows it folded in half and measured at not quite 58" at the time.

Now THIS is the start of a catnip toy!  Paula made a long beige one with a tail of fringe and it became the cats favorite toy.  In filling that one back up with catnip I thought I might as well make another one that is a tad bit bigger in width, but not really in length.  I used a wool/polyester combo yarn hoping it would entice him even further! This isn't finished…well, it IS finished, but I didn't take a photo of the finished product as ran and gave it to the cat before I remembered about the photo.  I will get a "finished" photo tonight.


I have been reading up on oil prices falling again.  It got me to thinking why in the world UPS and Fedex were RAISING their prices?  Did the airplane industry do the same?  If they are saving millions of dollars on the lower gas prices, and having already raised prices to cover the higher costs when they came, why do they need to raise their prices again?

What do you want to bet that when the gas prices start coming UP, they will once gain raise their shipping prices to cover the rising cost of oil and gas!!!  I personally think it is a scam, but what do I know?  

Another thing…streets being paved.  If crude oil is half what it was, why do the streets cost MORE to fix now?  I realize that the gas taxes cover the actual building and repair of the roads, but doesn't that go hand in hand with the falling prices that they have to pay for the road materials?  Or are they getting gouged by the people who make the materials?

Round and round we little people go…in a circle until we get too dizzy to question anything any further.  So look it all up. Send out little missives to your government in charge of your area and find out.  You can bet they will raise the gas taxes but not lower them!  I think Idaho (and can't remember if it was the state or one of the counties) is one of the few places that lowered taxes when they had found a little extra in their pockets.

Would your government do that for you?

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