Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hood type Cowl for Me!

I am using the same shell type stitch for my cowl that I used in the grey scarf. Love it!

This if being made with Classic Shades Solids in Scarlet, a discontinued yarn.  I really love the way it glides like silk over the hook! It is a worsted weight, but not real heavy, and I am using a 5.5 hook. This is going to be beautiful!

Above and below ar photos of the scarf now finished.  It is 60 inches long and feels really soft. I hope she loves it! You can see my Border Collie's feet in the background in the first photo. So much for careful staging!

I wasn't able to capture a good photo of the scarf as it is night and I have lights that are more yellow that bright.  Grrrrr!  I will be packing up this little delight and sending off to it's intended recipient!


  1. Will be interested in seeing your finished cowl. Are you using a pattern or wining it?

    1. Winging it! I think it started out being wide enough but guess the pattern bunched it up a bit. I may have to put an edge around each side to widen it more so it "bags" over my head rather than sit on my crown!

  2. maybe I ought to put the thread down and make myself something a little warmer...very nice