Sunday, December 13, 2015

Football Day!

Today is cloudy, on and off, and wet.  It hasn't rained since early morning but you can tell it wants to again.  This is the perfect day to watch football and be indoors.


I have two dogs.  The puppy (that is an exaggeration) wants to be outside playing but this home has a small spongy yard that gets really really muddy if the dogs run around on it too much.
At least right now they are sleeping. I feel bad that we aren't in the huge yard in the other home where they can run around like crazy!  Even with all the rain, it is sandy loam so the water sinks in and no puddles or squishy yard.  Easy to dig in, though!

I'm almost unpacked and settled in for the time being, but really need to get some things put up away from my baby. He is only 4 months 3 weeks old and loves to get into things.  The problem is I can't put anything up…it has to be away.


He is taller than my 10 year old Border Collie!

I hope your day today is a fun, relaxing "football" kind of day, even if you aren't a football fan!

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  1. I look at your two fur children and think "Larry and Moe." LOLOL