Wednesday, December 2, 2015

POLKA HAT: Hat/Cap for Little ol' me!

I am making the Polka Hat for myself, but it isn't getting the polka dots on it. I decided after all those stockings that I have zero desire to wear in lots and lots of ends again, at least for now.  Therefore, after two rows, I had decided to leave out the 'dots' and have made the rows just plain. Suite me just fine! It was basically the shape of the hat/cap that I truly loved. 
Now, let us hope it will fit.
I did not see the top of the hat in the magazine (Interweave 2012) but on Ravelry the photos show the top.  I think it looks better in those photos that mine will, but then I'm pretty critical of my work, so maybe not!

Prior photo

and now photo!

I am using a sock yarn that is all wool, Merino Superwash….Schoppel Zauberball, 400m, 100g

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