Friday, January 24, 2014


Have you ever purchased something from a store…say The Gap…and at the end they ask you if you want to receive emails?  You check NO, and go on with the purchase.
Then you start received emails and you think, oh…I must have clicked yes…and think nothing more of it?  Well, I have been keeping track…and ALL of the Christmas sites I visited are sending me emails although I said NO.  So irritating.  Blair is one also.  Frustrating.

Crochet? Yum!  I am weaving in ends today and will be mailing off the scarf I have made for Debi.  I love it…had to take it almost 1/2 way apart not once, but twice…errors on my part of course!  I am easily frustrated when I must frog something, so you can imagine my level of angst having to do it twice and so darn much of it!
Progression photos.

At least it is back together and ready to get mailed out!  I do love the yarn.

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