Saturday, January 11, 2014

Balloon Fest

The annual Balloon Fest hits our small town this coming weekend.  Sounds like it should be fun!  A person can even ride in a balloon across the lake and around a bit for $200, or you can just get up in the air tethered to the ground for $20.  I'm more of a tether type gal!  

This is the London Bridge…it really isn't very large but kind of majestic.  The skies are almost always this blue, although once in awhile there are wispy clouds.  The shade is fairly cool, but once you are hit by the sun it is quite ferocious.  I'm not sure why it feels hotter in the sun here at 65 than it does in Oregon at 80, but it does.

I'm working diligently on a scarf for an exchange in my group on Ravelry.  I picked out a pattern I had posted about in one of my blogs a couple of years ago…hopefully Debi will like it.

I'm using Watermelon from Universal Yarns Classic Shades.  It is machine washable 70% Acrylic/30% Wool…soft and vibrant! This is a small photo from their web sit which makes it a tad blurry when I enlarge it!

Now back to the grind!  A relative of mine who lives in Ft. Mohave posted a photo on Face Book which seems to be a big theme down here this winter….

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