Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sami and other strays…..

My sweet Sami has a large tumor that, so far, appears to be cancerous and inoperable.  I will know more early next week.  This particular ordeal has me thinking I just don't want to add another dog or cat to my life ever again.
Then I saw this post by my DSIL who is an animal advocate in Idaho.  I got to thinking that I may not add one any time real soon should I lose Sami, I should add one so that an animal who are waiting patiently for love and affection and a good home won't have to wait forever.

If I remember correctly, weren't we put on this earth to till the soil and protect the animals?


  1. This is so well said. I am sorry to hear about your furry friend. Yes you remember correctly...

  2. It took me a year to find Tavish after Paka died. But when Tavisg died, I was beside myself and Sadie came into our lives within several months. The same when Sadie died . . . just beside myself in pain and had to adopt Indy to make my heart whole again.

    Blessings and Love for you and Sami . . . I know there is going to be a lot of love going Sami's way.