Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Sofa and Love Seat…and new windows!

I'm more thrilled about the windows than I am anything else right now.  Double paned vinyl windows all around the house.  Almost all were put on today and tomorrow the slider in my bedroom, along with the small window in my bathroom will be installed, as well as the new doors. 

This is called the Madison…nothing really Southwest about it, though.

Its a Titan steel framed door with a dead bolt that will act as the screen and security door. :o)  It's in a Cranberry color.  I'm keeping the front door with the peep hole. The screen is a sheet of metal with holes poked in it, and although the door will be in what they call Wineberry, the screen will be a color similar to the color of this door…perhaps a bit more tan.  

In back I'm putting in a full glass door with a mini-shade installed in the double window so I don't have to clean it.  I would have put in the rest of the windows that way, but it tended to get a tad expensive. Some day, though…..some day.  I think they are awesome!

Then the screen door is a storm door.  It is full glass, too, but you can pull the top half of the glass down into the bottom half and it stores seamlessly in the bottom half where you can't see there are now two.  Then, as it goes down a screen unrolls from the top and you end up with a screen for air readily available when you want it.  Also in the same Cranberry color, and it is called Tradewinds. This is what it is supposed to look like, except this is white instead of the Cranberry color

Now the photo below has nothing to do with anythings.  I just found it to upload and was so surprised at how it is showing snow.  I have no clue how that happened.  Sid took me to the mailbox to take photos of the sheep going by.  They were walking them about 65 mile room near Vale, ID up to near Bear, ID I think.  Might have been Indian Valley.  Hopefully it will still look like an active snow when I post it.

So why is this one so sparkly?  It is as if Sid has come back to snazz up the photos for me!  I have no idea what is making it do this…and hope you will be able to see it. Magic.

Oh…this is the couch.  I am not real happy with it, either.  The one at the store felt different.  Notice how each seat has a round puffy look? Well, that is not a regular pillow seat…it is a bunch of fluff.  The metal in the arms are also covered  in the fiber fill. Needless to say the

I role off top!

Darn it…I never would have purchased it had I realized the pillow top cushions were not cushions at all…just stuffed fiber fill.  Pretty to look at.

It's a day later. Did not post. Men here putting in slider and new doors. This house will be practically new by the time I am finished!  

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  1. Sparkles and snow show . . I have found that a couple of photos of mine on Google + from the winter snow have snow falling in them too?

    We have the same kind of "slide the glass to get a screen" door on the front of the house . . LOVE IT! I wanted a glass bottom for "nose prints" and screen at the top, but not the normal drop down. We have had it for almost 4 years and LOVE IT ! ! ! ! ! !