Friday, May 31, 2013

Stitch Witch Sundays

Hey - in the group I'm in we are doing Sunday Morning Stitch Witch.  We are trying out a new stitch that we can use elsewhere, but in the meanwhile making an afghan with it.  Kim is helping to devise the stitches each week and doing a bang up job. 

At first I was more interested in doing textured stitches as I love the look and feel of them.  However, it has progressed into multi-colored stitches, which is fine with me!  You can pick and choose your stitches, should you want, to get a textured look or a bright happy multi look.  All depends on your mood.

I have finished more of the Brick and Mortar rows, but for some reason the photos came up blank.  I will have to go back and try taking more photos and post them later.

So no one told me what the cabbage looking plant could be.  I haven't looked it up yet, as thought I'd get some good info here! Rats.

I found out the name of another plant that I thought was a Hydrangea.  Turns out it is a Black Lace Alderberry.  Stunning!  I love the lace cap pink flowers against the black-purple lacy leaves...just don't look at the hose in the background!  It does give you a perspective, though, of the large leaves and flower heads.

So - now I want to have a contest...have to generate some fun, don't I?  I have a book that is called "50 Knit & Crochet Accessories: Go from beginner to expert with easy bags, mittens, socks and hats"

If you would like this book, please note in your post to this thread, put in a guess as to the plant in the previous post, and then I will put all the names in a box, shake it up and pull out a winner!  I will also take the answers and figure out who is correct and that person will get a smaller, different prize.  Hopefully you are on Ravelry and can PM me your address should I need it!  



  1. Never have seen the plant in the previous post. Wonder if it is a Primrose? Those leaves are sure weird.

  2. Is it a Rogersia (bronze peacock)?

    1. JH- (Julie) found a picture of it...forgot to post here! It is an Osaka Purple Mustard Greens. You are supposed to pick them when they are young, only two to four inches, to cook. It is about four feet high now so too big! If it comes back next year I will try it and cook me up some greens!