Thursday, May 2, 2013

Continuing Saga and Continuing Shawl!

Well, now Amazon is making me write up a check forgery report on the DEBIT transaction that they isn't and wasn't a check.  They won't take it off the TRS report until I fill out the information that TRS wants...have it nortorized, attach a copy of my ID, and give them the check information. how do I do that since it was a debit?  Geesh!

I, of course, wrote another letter to Amazon. Believe me, you don't want to be dealing with this company if something goes wrong!

On a better note, I am almost finished with a shawl...just weaving in the ends now.  I made it too big so had to frog several rows.  Also, I was experimenting with the ends and it didn't work out well.  Right now it is quite beautiful, but not as lightweight as I had hoped.  I think it is a little larger than this...but will photograph it when I have it blocked.

This is made with Red Heart Unforgettable.  Lovely color called Tidal. I hope my niece will be able to use it on a chilly night when she and her hubby do something special!  Now to finish up and get it mailed...with a surprise!

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