Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So, today the mailman left me 25 envelopes from TRS Recovery Services, Inc., trying to collect on the debts that some "lady" (using term loosely here!) named Mona in Payette, Idaho on N. River Road made on fraudulent withdrawals on MY bank account.  I even have her telephone number and her email address....if she hasn't changed it.

Back to Amazon I go....I am steaming to say the least.  I am NOT filling out 25 more affidavits, notarizing 25 more statements, and mailing them all in with copies of my drivers license, my birth certificate, or my passport and the head of my first born.   GRRRR!!!   I am NOT dealing with these people again.

I am NOT buying from Amazon again, and I AM going to file a complaint with A) the banking industry, and whomever is the person or company or department that runs Amazon, and B) any government agency that oversees Amazon.

These people knew right off it wasn't my debt, they had the information of dear Mona, her address, her phone number, and other information they shared with my bank.  

Today I spoke with dear sweet Tom.  He assures me that THIS time he will call the collection company directly and have them cease and desist collections, repair my sullied name, and be sure that they never again proceed against me lest I sue their pants off....then they might have to hire an attorney.

Boy, people are right...guard your identity.  Guard your bank account.  Change your passwords constantly.  Put up firewalls, and don't write checks willy nilly to just anyone.  I had an employee at a mortgage company in Florida take my information and use it, I had a dentist office take my information and use it, I had someone use my social security number to open a bank account in California, I had someone take a credit card receipt from a restaurant in Council, ID and try and run up charges in the middle of the night, and now Amazon allows someone to open up a debit account without making sure that they actually OWN the account.  

I wonder how many other people out there are having this very same problem.  How many people has Amazon messed up, financially, emotionally, and credit wise...and why can't they do a simple check like PayPal or eBay or SquareUp?  

Beware folks....they don't have good fraud checking devices in place.

You could be next.


  1. wow..that is all I have..seems like you should be able to sue the pants off of them now, just so they fix whatever is wrong at Amazon.

  2. I have had major problems with amazon I deleted my account a few months ago after getting refunds