Friday, May 17, 2013

New shawl pattern...with sock yarn!

The pattern is the Kornblomst Shawl. It is a paid for pattern and we are doing a JAL for it in the Cat's Crochet Corner group on Ravelry.

My main color is pink!  ;o)  Can't you tell???

This is how the bottom border of the lacy part will the pattern there will be two areas with this variegated yarn.  Above the lacy border that you see below....which is below it when you crochet the pattern!   ;o)

Isn't this the prettiest little shawl!  I hope it turns out as pretty as the photo above!


Now on to my favorite rant.  I have been in touch with the sheriff's office about the fraud.  Turns out a lot of my neighbors have suffered the same fate.  The woman responsible did a tour of the street after hours and stole mail...don't know if she stole my mail that was outgoing or stole mail that was incoming.  She took the info she found to open the Amazon account.  Looks like some of my neighbors are out thousands of dollars, so I feel a little selfish about my less that $300, and my Amazon problems.  At least I have my money back. They may never see their money ever.

I hope she rots in hell for a long, long, long time...and her name is Monica, it turns out, not Mona.  Guess that the feds are after her, too, for mail fraud.  Yay!

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  1. YEAH ! ! ! ! Will keep "tuning in" to see when Monica finally get's hers :)