Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Week

Nothing much going on these days...babysitting the granddaughters a bit most weeks and that is a pleasure.  Right now am taking care of the dog while they all are on vacation.  She's pretty easy, so it has been a pleasure.  The Fourth was a bit edgy as she gets excited when the various neighbors would set things off, but eventually she calmed down.

Have been working on several projects, finishing almost none.  I'll revisit the one I'm getting closer to finishing...the Happy Hippo project for my new nephew Jack.  What a cutie!

This is what has been finished thus far on the hippo...his middle and back end!  The next parts are for his legs in front, and I have one of those about ready to add. He is really cute, but next time I make one, IF I make one, I will not do the color scheme like this.  Will make it two-toned, or three-toned, I think.

While the heat was up so high along with the humidity, and because the Fourth was fast approaching, I brought in Tommy Socks and stashed him in the spare room.  As you can see he thought he was in a/c, on a bed, and in the house with food, water, and a box.  He never made a peep for two days!

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  1. Poor Tommy. I'm debating what to do with Cecil for the winter. He's destructive in the house!