Friday, July 19, 2013

Yarn stuff

My DSD gave me a hank of yarn as a reward for watching her dog while she visited family and friends in Sitka, AK.  That's where she grew up.  Her college roommate visited her there one year from college in Tennessee, and loved it so much she moved there and married.  It is a lovely little town ... and I mean little.  About 7 miles long.  About 2 miles wide. The rest is island...mostly trees on mountains as the backdrop!

The yarn below is a super wash wool and super beautiful!

The yarn is from a store there, Knitting With Class I believe, and it is hand dyed, spun, etc.  The yarn company is named Raven Frog Fibers.  The tag is below... they are also on Ravelry!

Now I just need to figure out what I will make for myself!

I have finished five squares, two which I sent already, for Karen for her participation in the Phoenix blanket project.

The variation in color is simply a matter of my iPhone and the available light at the time.  This is a Red Heart Super Saver up nicely, and certainly doesn't shed like the Vanna's Choice.  That makes it not quite as soft, but sure is easier on my allergies Although they look similar in the photos, the last two squares are similar but different!


  1. I used to use Red Heart all the time . . but I found out once I used Vanna my hands didn't dry out.

    Have you tried Deborah Norville's yarn. I love the texture and colors.

    1. Unfortunately, I have eczema so every yarn dries out my hands! Grrrrr!

      Have not tried the DN yarn yet. I might even have a skein or two here.

      I have some Red Heart Love that I'm going to try next. Some very lovely colors, and it does seem very soft. We shall see!