Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mitts, cables, fences and slippers … oh my!

I finished off the top after all and made it straight across.  These cables are pretty, but boy do you have to be careful.  I have started the second mitt and have had to pull back several rows several times!  Get one cable off and it really messes it up.  Am trying to be more careful, but it proves to me that I should crochet without the TV on to distract me!

Putting up yet another fence. This is on the West side of the house.  It will have a 48 inch gate and the fencing will be like the rest that is around the back part of the property….6' tall cedar.

This is he East side of the house where the gate will be about 10' or more.  I am on septic and need for the truck to make it through to the back once every two years to pump it out. Once this is finished I will have four separately fenced areas in my yard.  Eventually I may take out the chain line which is around a smaller area directly in back…but that is in the distant future.

I am thinking I will be getting back to the slippers for my niece after I complete the mitts.  I think I have one finished, but will have to check…maybe only to what is shown in the photo.  I think because I don't love the yarn I am not loving the project, which keeps me dragging my feet.

Plus I do have the afghan I started early last year that needs to be finished.  I think the dog/pup is about settled enough for me to work on it while sitting on the couch.


  1. Okay, why so many fenced areas?

  2. The only fence was a green chain link in back coming from each side of the house and then across. About 40' each of the 3 sides. Then I put in another chain link inside next to the shed so keep the cat in-but cat never went to shed, so now will be a garden. The large cedar fencing I wanted to original come in to the house at the front so entire back was fenced but allowed myself to be talked out of it and put in a smaller fence across the very front. Now yard fenced, but have to use electric gate so I can keep it closed from them getting out. Gate died. Now hand tied. So am putting up the two sides I wanted in the first place so dogs can go out in the huge yard without my messing with front gate! Underway to getting fixed, but here is like island time. It will take WEEKS to get done. Already has been nearly 2 months!