Friday, February 5, 2016

Finished the Cowl & Starting New Fingerless Mitt's!

I don't love the cowl like I thought I would, but it is fine to wear when it is misty or raining, and will cover my head.  I think my disappointment came when I realized I wasn't going to look like a beautiful Hollywood Star! ;-(  It is just ME under that red hood...

This is the beginning of one bit.  I am almost to the place where the thumb will be started.  I just love the way this is crocheting up into the cabled look!  The pattern calls for beads, but I have never used beads in crocheting and did not want to start on something that is a new pattern of me.

Palm Fingerless Mitts by Tina Rodriguez 

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in Dewberry.  It's just such a joy to use!

And not to be outdone, my sweetest DSD made fingerless mitts for ME!!!  These are the cutest things! This is a pattern by Amy Bahrt.  Cat-Motif Mitts on Ravelry.


  1. Cat front and cat butt . . . .LOLOL

    1. LOL! It does look like that doesn't it! That's because of the way I took the photo. They are both cat fronts…the eyes are embroidered.

    2. Also have you checked out the Calando de Crochet on the side? She has been making really pretty placemats that aren't fancy but still very nice. All ill Spanish but she does have graphs!