Monday, February 15, 2016

Fingerless Mitt's finished!

They are probably more like gauntlets…I got carried away on the length. However, in my defense, I was not sure about how long her hands were and felt that if I made them shorter they might not quite cover right.  The above color is correct.  The photos below are too bright….could be somewhat in-between.

I used Malabrigo sock yarn in Dewberry.  I really love working with Malabrigo…I use to scoff at people who "just have to have" Malabrigo but now understand why.

The pattern for these is Palm Fingerless Mitt's on Ravelry but wait before you go running off an purchasing it.  I think she must not have had testers for it as there were quite a few…well, not errors…but she didn't add counts when her counts would be different from mine. She did small and I was doing medium…only the small counts were there in about 1/2 of the rounds.  You can figure it out (four up from what she had for each size) but better to wait as she told me she is going to up date it.

The mitts are very snuggly and warm, and you would be wise to make a pair! Gift or keep.  The cable part takes a bit to feel comfy, but if you pay attention it is fine.  

These go to my sister-in-law.  I just finished a pair of fingerless mitts for me. The are just all fpdc (except here and there) from a pattern that had a lovely design but I didn't do the design. I just wanted the snuggly part!  More later.

Happy President's Day! 

Personally I think we ought to go back to celebrating Lincoln and Washington's birthdays separately.  When I lived in SC and GA they did not celebrate Lincoln's birthday (no surprise there, right).  I think that is why they put the two together.  Now is the time we go back to it as celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday is the same, and they do celebrate it in the South now. 

Besides….it gives us that extra holiday in winter to help keep people off the roads in blizzards!

Stay safe.

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  1. I think the presidents should be separate since MLK has his own day OR put them all together :)