Saturday, February 27, 2016

Head Band finished…New Gauntlet Fingerless Mitt's started

I put a pony tail band at the bottom for stretch.

It is a silver blue but could not get the right blue to show up!

Started the fingerless mitt's for my niece.  I finished one mitt….but think I might go back and put-up the band at the top. Don't like the dip.  These are the same pattern as the purple one's (for her mom).

Palm of the mitts.


  1. I started using a rubber band for hair when I made my niece headbands when she was a baby. I thought this would allow them to grow with her.

    Is it hard to do the cable? it looks so nice.

    1. The cable on the band is pretty straight forward. FPDC's or TC's - can't remember off hand. Doing them behind the one set if a bit of a challenge, and remembering to do them in the right order can also cause an ulcer, but all in all they are pretty good.