Sunday, November 15, 2015

Slippers not finished….

Again I am so far behind…I took time to work on the heavy afghan for my nephew, but had to quit.  I ended up getting a puppy to keep my older dog company.  He makes crocheting on my lap impossible…like a cat grabbing for anything that moves.

Fortunately, I have a pub style dining table that is now set up as my crocheting spot.  The only drawback is my comfort which is sorely lacking on these chairs.

I am going to go backwards (or should I start start where I left off?) as I put together some posts to update my crocheting for the last few months.  Not THAT much to report, but some cute things.

I'll start with what I have so far on the afghan I can't seem to finish…I'd say it is about 1/3 finished. Again, this is a pattern from the book "Vanna White: All Through The House."  I don't remember the publisher, but it is all Lion Brand yarn so most likely THEY are.

I now have to show you the puppy I adopted. He was one of a litter of four pups born to my two nephews.  One had the male and one had the female, and she had four puppies.  Mine is the one in the middle with his ear turned back.  His sister is the brown one and she looks like her mom and my niece has her so I get updates.  Brodie's ear constantly turns back like that!

This was taken about four weeks ago showing how much he had grown since the puppy photo was taken by my nephew.

He is 1/4 each of Lab, Boxer, Husky, and Bullmastiff.
These are his parents…weighing in at 85 or so for mom, Athena - she is boxer and bullmastiff.

and 110 for dad, Jackson Brown and he is Husky and Lab

As you can see I will have my hands full for years to come.

He is taller now than when this was taken two weeks ago, but can't find a better more recent photo. Black dogs are very hard to photograph. Fun to watch them grow and see how uncomfortable they are in their own "teen" bodies. An author of dog books once called this the "ugly puppy stage" but I think they are adorable!
We suspect from his weight at 14 weeks that he will be about 115 to 118 at adulthood. Oh, my! He is just about as tall as my Border Collie but isn't quite at long - yet. 
I am so thankful that Maggie has accepted him into the family and plays with him.  It takes a lot off my plate with both of them as I had been Maggies only playtime mate. This is supremely better for them and me.



  1. He's a lovely "little" guy! I can't imagine feeding one that big, I'm used to feeding a chihuahua. :) He looks so darned cute.

    1. Thank you! He is a huge eater now. Yikes!

      My brother has two chihuahua's and they are darling. Like little people, and always a baby!

  2. Brodie has such long legs . . . he is beautiful, as are his parents.

    1. Yes, he does! He is a lanky teen for sure. Or maybe he is still a toddler at 18 weeks? He is a giant breed and they aren't "adults" until they are 2 1/2 or so years old.