Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Christmas Stocking!

I have one other finished I need to post. Luckily, I finished this before my wrist hurt so bad that I could not crochet for several days. Feels better now. Already had on operation for carpal tunnel and don't want another one.
In crocheting 5 stockings, all in singl crochet, and as quickly as I could, all led me to a painful episode…BUT…it was so worth it!  I can now get them shipped out as promised three years ago! Hah!
 When I finished the stocking I had LOTS of ends to weave in (which makes up the seam in the back). Unfortunately, I did not account for the red not being as heavy as the doubled white in this one, so the stripes are not so even as I would like.  The white is a white yarn and a skein of Glamour so that it sparkles.  Next time I will put a Glamour red sparkle with the red yarn, too!
This is the Waiting For Santa pattern from Red Heart again.

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