Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Stocking #2

Fair Isle Christmas Stocking by Katherine Stuart

This is the second stocking I finished.  It is a Fair Isle pattern, BUT I only did the two bands in the pattern.  The rest of it was one color PER ROW so weaving in 100+ ends was not going to be my cup of tea.
The pattern was listed on Ravelry, but as out of print. I finally found it at Barnes and Noble, Crochet Worlk's Christmas in Crochet - Holiday 2013 by Annie's Publishing.  It is in an ebook now, so you have to have the Nook or the Nook app to get it.  The app is free, so not a problem. 
As far as the ebook goes, there are quite a few really cute patterns, so well worth the $9.99 to have it if you are a holiday crocheter.
So, not doing the rest of the Fair Isle pattern makes this one look a little dowdy, but at least it is finished.  I think it is about 26" long, maybe a tad longer.
Thanksgiving is almost upon us! I'm not a Thanksgiving crocheter, but might find something do do.
Have a great day! 

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  1. I think it is beautiful . . . simple in a Norwegian way. Now you have me looking for it :)