Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now one more row.....

Okay - now that the bodice is finished (sort of) we need to make it a real bodice. We will do this by crocheting one more row.  This way we can bring the whole piece together.  You will see that it makes the bodice with cute little cap sleeves.
When you come to the first shell that divides for the first sleeve skip the shell stitch. Just chain one, skip all the next set of DC's that make up the sleeve, DC into the first DC on the back and continue across where you will finish across the back, again skipping the arm, and finished the front - in Paula's case that would be:

18 DC's across front side
CH 1
skip 25 DC's for sleeve
32 DC's across back
CH 1
Skip 25 DC's for other sleeve
18 DC's across next front side

That will take away 50 stitches for Paula and then add back two, giving her a grand total 70, I think. :o)

Now on to the skirt/bottom/sweater part.

For 70 stitches, that is 3+1
70/3=29 + 1
or it could be
70/2 = 35

So we are looking for a pattern that is 3 + 1 or just a 2 stitch.  

Solomon's knot is a 3 + 1 stich, is open work and rather lacy. Might be too open. So, how about a Parquet stitch. :o)

Row 1: (will be the wrong side) CH 1, SC in first stitch, CH 2, skip two stitches, SC in next stitch, repeat to end, ending in SC; turn.
Row 2: Ch 3, 1 DC in bottom of same stitch, *skip 2 ch, 3 DC in next sc, repeat from * until end, ending with 2 DC in last sc.
Row 3: CH 3, skip 2 dc, SC in next DC (middle of the 3 dc), *CH 2, skip 2 dc, SC in next dc; repeat from * to end, ending with SC in top of ch 3.

Repeat pattern for desired length.  About 7 to 7 1/4 inches for size 2, about 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 for size 4, 8 to 8 1/4 for size 6)

Let me know how this turns out! 

Paula's perfect bodice on her site....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Toddler Sweater Project

I think I will be using size 3 yarn for the sweater I am making as well as an H hook, but size 4 would work, too, but will be bulkier.  You just have to make sure that you are going for the right measurements.  As this is an experiment of sorts, so a lot of your own thoughts, experience and feelings will go into this little sweater....making it all the more special!

In the Worsted Weight (4) you need four skeins and in the DK Weight (3) you need five (just in case!).  It could be one skein too many according to the size you are making, but better safe than sorry.  Also, if you have some left over you CAN do an amigurumi animal to match the sweater! ;o)

This is going to be a top down sweater in a raglan style.  I have made four or five of different patterns in this style, and they all have the same basic start and pattern for the bodice.  Some are one or two stitches different at each "part", which goes to show you that everything isn't just the same. I did not have a chance to test out the sc, so I am suggesting for this sweater we do dc only.  If you want to use the sc, then do the increases every other row and let me know what it looks like! 

Pick out your yarn, and lets get started!


Chain 45
(toddler necks, it seems, stay pretty much the same size for several years...???)

DC in 4th ch from hook 
DC in next 6 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 5 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 12 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch 
DC in next 5 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 8 stitches

So what you have is the two front sections, two sleeve sections, and the back.

You will continue in the pattern:
10 rows for size 2
12 rows for size 4
14 rows for size 6

Giving you:
18(20, 23) Front
25(29,33) Each Sleeve
32(36,40) Back

I'll be back with photos......

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trying something new....

A gracious good evening to you....hope your weekend has been good so far.

I am thinking of trying out something new...haven't gotten it all the way planned yet, but wonder if there are those of you who would be interested in making a toddler sweater, but using a little of your own thought process as to stitch design?  I have been working on a design that I think could work for everyone.  I hope.

I am thinking along the lines of a cardigan where the top of the sweater will be basically double crochet, or single crochet (or even half-double!) as long as the measurements are close enough, and then working on designing the bottom part with a favorite stitch.  I love the Crazy Stitch, adore the Seed Stitch, and even have a preference for a special stitch that is called the Bric-Brac Stitch.  I have a scarf somewhere unfinished with that one!

I think the top of the cardigan, or bodice of sorts, could even be in one color, or variegated, and the 'skirt' could be in a different color.  Something up Paula's alley as she loves rainbows!  :o)

At any rate, that is what I hope to start on Monday or Tuesday, and every couple of days post a little more.  This way the process won't be hurried, people can post questions, and if at all possible we can post photos...send them to me I guess so I can post them, or post a link so we can go see them...???

All new to me...so, without further adieu I shall check into this as have a really bright idea already! ;o)

Wanna play????

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jin Dui, etc.

Well, I made it to Portland, and made it to my Jin Dui...see! These had a coconut lotus paste filling...YUM!

There was even a carmel dipping sauce!

The night before The Daughter took us out to Claim Jumper.  RIBS. YUM.

The small fry, along with her sister had ice cream.

The next morning Mom made them heart shaped pancakes. 

On returning home I realized I was topping out at 161 again, so back to the diet.
I started reading about Vegetarian diets, as mainly I eat meat maybe once or twice a week at most...generally only a few times a month. Not VEGAN...as I am eating dairy, though not lots. Am lactose intolerant, so that limits what I eat. 

I found these delicious pizza's that are VEGAN....Amy's.  So delicious...I add things to it to make them different.

So have been reading up on become a Vegetarian and found our more than I bargained for, I'm afraid.

Did you know that in the US 200 million male chicks a day are killed by suffocation, gas, or grinding.
In Canada they used 40,000 a day ground up for fertilizer, used as chicken food, and pet food.

AND....20% of the chickens still alive at the scald tank.....going in.


Needless to say, I have crossed Chicken and Eggs off my list of foods for now.  Never have liked chicken that much anyway.....