Friday, February 24, 2012

Jin Dui, etc.

Well, I made it to Portland, and made it to my Jin Dui...see! These had a coconut lotus paste filling...YUM!

There was even a carmel dipping sauce!

The night before The Daughter took us out to Claim Jumper.  RIBS. YUM.

The small fry, along with her sister had ice cream.

The next morning Mom made them heart shaped pancakes. 

On returning home I realized I was topping out at 161 again, so back to the diet.
I started reading about Vegetarian diets, as mainly I eat meat maybe once or twice a week at most...generally only a few times a month. Not I am eating dairy, though not lots. Am lactose intolerant, so that limits what I eat. 

I found these delicious pizza's that are VEGAN....Amy's.  So delicious...I add things to it to make them different.

So have been reading up on become a Vegetarian and found our more than I bargained for, I'm afraid.

Did you know that in the US 200 million male chicks a day are killed by suffocation, gas, or grinding.
In Canada they used 40,000 a day ground up for fertilizer, used as chicken food, and pet food.

AND....20% of the chickens still alive at the scald tank.....going in.


Needless to say, I have crossed Chicken and Eggs off my list of foods for now.  Never have liked chicken that much anyway.....

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