Monday, February 27, 2012

Toddler Sweater Project

I think I will be using size 3 yarn for the sweater I am making as well as an H hook, but size 4 would work, too, but will be bulkier.  You just have to make sure that you are going for the right measurements.  As this is an experiment of sorts, so a lot of your own thoughts, experience and feelings will go into this little sweater....making it all the more special!

In the Worsted Weight (4) you need four skeins and in the DK Weight (3) you need five (just in case!).  It could be one skein too many according to the size you are making, but better safe than sorry.  Also, if you have some left over you CAN do an amigurumi animal to match the sweater! ;o)

This is going to be a top down sweater in a raglan style.  I have made four or five of different patterns in this style, and they all have the same basic start and pattern for the bodice.  Some are one or two stitches different at each "part", which goes to show you that everything isn't just the same. I did not have a chance to test out the sc, so I am suggesting for this sweater we do dc only.  If you want to use the sc, then do the increases every other row and let me know what it looks like! 

Pick out your yarn, and lets get started!


Chain 45
(toddler necks, it seems, stay pretty much the same size for several years...???)

DC in 4th ch from hook 
DC in next 6 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 5 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 12 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch 
DC in next 5 stitches
DC/Ch1/DC in next stitch
DC in next 8 stitches

So what you have is the two front sections, two sleeve sections, and the back.

You will continue in the pattern:
10 rows for size 2
12 rows for size 4
14 rows for size 6

Giving you:
18(20, 23) Front
25(29,33) Each Sleeve
32(36,40) Back

I'll be back with photos......


  1. Okay . . shall pick out my yarn and get my butt in gear . . but you will have to fit between the lavender dress, baby afghan and rainbow sweater . . lolol

    But, you will rank up there with the dress in gettting finished first.

  2. looking foward to the pics..have a great day..

  3. At the end of each row, do you want a chain 2 or chain 3?

    I'm gonna use a ch 2 soo I can get all 10 rowa done .

    1. Well, you didn't need any help really! I do either, according to my whim at the moment. ;o)

  4. I have posted my finished "bodice." The neck looks small to me, but, then again, I always think things look small.

    Here is the link:

    It's today's post on my blog.

  5. I did 10 rows. Lets see what I count . . I am ALWAYS so bad when it comes to counting AND I have been known to do DC's in the same st at the beginning of the row . . . not sure if you wanted that or not.

    Here goes:
    Front Right(I know, like there is a back right side:0P): 18 sts

    Right Arm: 25 sts

    Back: 32 sts

    Left Arm (wonder if i'll have 25?): 25 sts
    (Truth be told, I counted 24 for right arm and had to recount when this one was 25. Whew, they were both the same.)

    Left Front: 18 sts

    YEAH . . . I am even for a total of . . . .
    (2x18) + (2 x 25) + 32 =
    36 + 50 + 32 = 118

    Row 10 = 118 dcs

    1. Okay...will be back with your particular pattern! ;o)