Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trying something new....

A gracious good evening to you....hope your weekend has been good so far.

I am thinking of trying out something new...haven't gotten it all the way planned yet, but wonder if there are those of you who would be interested in making a toddler sweater, but using a little of your own thought process as to stitch design?  I have been working on a design that I think could work for everyone.  I hope.

I am thinking along the lines of a cardigan where the top of the sweater will be basically double crochet, or single crochet (or even half-double!) as long as the measurements are close enough, and then working on designing the bottom part with a favorite stitch.  I love the Crazy Stitch, adore the Seed Stitch, and even have a preference for a special stitch that is called the Bric-Brac Stitch.  I have a scarf somewhere unfinished with that one!

I think the top of the cardigan, or bodice of sorts, could even be in one color, or variegated, and the 'skirt' could be in a different color.  Something up Paula's alley as she loves rainbows!  :o)

At any rate, that is what I hope to start on Monday or Tuesday, and every couple of days post a little more.  This way the process won't be hurried, people can post questions, and if at all possible we can post photos...send them to me I guess so I can post them, or post a link so we can go see them...???

All new to, without further adieu I shall check into this as have a really bright idea already! ;o)

Wanna play????


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    1. You are toooooo much fun!!! I was at JoAnn's today and saw some really cool sock yarn (bought one skein) that reminded me of you! Rainbow type colors...very bright. It is Serenity Garden Yarn in the Deborah Norville collection, 185 yards. Not for THIS project, but could make something cool with it. Like an amigurumi cat! (they have a photo of one one the label)