Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now one more row.....

Okay - now that the bodice is finished (sort of) we need to make it a real bodice. We will do this by crocheting one more row.  This way we can bring the whole piece together.  You will see that it makes the bodice with cute little cap sleeves.
When you come to the first shell that divides for the first sleeve skip the shell stitch. Just chain one, skip all the next set of DC's that make up the sleeve, DC into the first DC on the back and continue across where you will finish across the back, again skipping the arm, and finished the front - in Paula's case that would be:

18 DC's across front side
CH 1
skip 25 DC's for sleeve
32 DC's across back
CH 1
Skip 25 DC's for other sleeve
18 DC's across next front side

That will take away 50 stitches for Paula and then add back two, giving her a grand total 70, I think. :o)

Now on to the skirt/bottom/sweater part.

For 70 stitches, that is 3+1
70/3=29 + 1
or it could be
70/2 = 35

So we are looking for a pattern that is 3 + 1 or just a 2 stitch.  

Solomon's knot is a 3 + 1 stich, is open work and rather lacy. Might be too open. So, how about a Parquet stitch. :o)

Row 1: (will be the wrong side) CH 1, SC in first stitch, CH 2, skip two stitches, SC in next stitch, repeat to end, ending in SC; turn.
Row 2: Ch 3, 1 DC in bottom of same stitch, *skip 2 ch, 3 DC in next sc, repeat from * until end, ending with 2 DC in last sc.
Row 3: CH 3, skip 2 dc, SC in next DC (middle of the 3 dc), *CH 2, skip 2 dc, SC in next dc; repeat from * to end, ending with SC in top of ch 3.

Repeat pattern for desired length.  About 7 to 7 1/4 inches for size 2, about 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 for size 4, 8 to 8 1/4 for size 6)

Let me know how this turns out! 

Paula's perfect bodice on her site....


  1. Okay, how did I miss this post? Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight when I watch TV.

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  3. Question Time: Should Row 3 startwith this: Ch 1, sc in same stitch, then start with the ch 3?

    Then, the pattern would be row 2 and 3?

    Also, "spelling of stitch when it 1st apears in Row 1," said Miss Typoes Galore :0}

    1. Okay, Ms. Paula, I checked out the stitch. Took forever to find which book I had used. Rows 2 and 3 have to be repeated...you are sooooo correct! ;o) Those two rows are the pattern....and there you have it! Paula to the rescue again!

  4. Stitch? Did someone say Stitch? That was the computer keyboard, not MEEEEEEE!! I'll go back and check the pattern, but was copying it from the stitch book.... it's not my own made up stitch pattern.